Tetzel’s Pamphlet ‘Vorlegung’

English: Johann Tetzel

Johann Tetzel

Via James Spinti, from an email he received-

The Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection of the Pitts Theology Library has just issued the first English translation of an important Reformation-era pamphlet: Johann Tetzel’s Vorlegung (Leipzig: Melchior Lotter, 1518), written in response to Martin Luther’s Sermon on Indulgence and Grace (Eynn Sermon von dem Ablasz vnnd gnade . . . [Wittenberg: Johann Rhau-Grunenberg, 1518]). This rare pamphlet has been translated by Prof. Em. Dewey W. Kramer and for the first time allows English-speaking audiences to hear Tetzel for themselves, rather than through the reports of his critics.  If you or your library would like a gratis copy of the translation, please send your name and address to me [at libmpg@emory.edu], and we’ll proceed. 

Prof. Kramer will be speaking on Tetzel and his pamphlet at the annual Reformation Day at Emory: http://www.pitts.emory.edu/visit/news-events/reformation-day.cfm

How fantastic is that?!?!

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