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More Mega-‘Church’ Depravity

If it isn’t the Boy Scouts or the Vatican covering up the depraved molestation of predator pedophiles it’s the mega-‘church’ miscreants. A 17,000-member megachurch deep in Oklahoma’s Bible Belt has been rattled by allegations that five employees waited two weeks … Continue reading

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On Display at New Orleans Baptist Seminary

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s new Bible and archaeology museum occupies a small space, but heralds the powerful, timeless message of the Bible being handed down and preserved through the centuries. “From Papyrus to Print: A Journey through the History … Continue reading

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The New Catalog of the Theologischer Verlag Zurich is Online

Here.  And while I’m making reference to TVZ might I also urge you to visit their Facebook page and ‘like’ them?  There are two reasons:  1) they’re really a very likable publisher and 2) if you ‘like’ dogs and kitties … Continue reading

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Tetzel’s Pamphlet ‘Vorlegung’

Via James Spinti, from an email he received- The Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection of the Pitts Theology Library has just issued the first English translation of an important Reformation-era pamphlet: Johann Tetzel’s Vorlegung (Leipzig: Melchior Lotter, 1518), written in response to … Continue reading

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On the Church: An Observation

Many Christians treat the church not like their mother, but like their mistress.  They visit her only when they want something.

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The Launch of ‘Fortress Academic’

Comes this email today- Building on a rich publishing history, Fortress Press is launching Fortress Academic—a new imprint for today’s academic landscape. With its launch, we’re expanding our publication programs and deepening our commitment to both the established and the … Continue reading

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Sweden: Keeping Christ out of Christmas

A nativity scene planned for a popular Christmas market in southern Sweden has been cut after the organizers felt it compromised their “political and religious independence”. I hope they don’t call their holiday ‘Christmas’ then. They should call it ‘Doofus … Continue reading

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‘You’ll Do It Or Else!’ – The Strange Case of Susanne Wilkinson

On a Friday evening back in March 2010 Swiss B&B owner Susanne Wilkinson turned away a gay couple as it was “against her convictions” for two men to share a bed. Michael Black and John Morgan reported the matter to … Continue reading

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Observing Anti-Slavery Day

Today is anti-slavery, anti- human trafficking day and I’m observing it here. The Anti-Slavery Day Bill became law in 2010. It was introduced in Parliament as a Private Members Bill by Anthony Steen MP for Totnes, South Devon, in 2010 and passed through … Continue reading

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Switzerland’s Odd ‘Anti-Muslim’ Sentiments

A bit of background: Switzerland has very stringent immigration policies and they don’t favor Muslims.  Indeed, a law was recently enacted which restricted the construction of Minarets.  Enter this editorial cartoon (via Ref.ch on fb)-

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I’m Not A Subscriber, But You May Want to Be

In the just appearing ‘Currents in Biblical Research’ one essay caught my eye- The Seventy-two and their Many Grandchildren: A Review of Septuagint Studies from 1997 Onward, by Kristin De Troyer in Currents in Biblical Research 2012;11 8-64. I think … Continue reading

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