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Lecture Announcement: Garth Gilmour at Lycoming (PA) College on David and Solomon

The Lycoming College Archaeology Department will host biblical archaeologist Dr. Garth Gilmour of the University of Oxford for a free, public lecture, titled “David and Solomon: Dead or Alive?” on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 7 p.m. in Heim Building G-11.

The lecture will address recent debates about the reliability of the biblical text centered on the characters of David and Solomon. Some scholars reject their existence completely; others propose that while they may have existed, they were little more than tribal chieftains in the central hill country of Israel and had nothing to do with the establishment of the Israelite kingdoms. Gilmour will discuss the archaeological evidence, which indicates that the demise of David and Solomon as historical characters, even as the founders of the early Israelite state, is premature.

Gilmour also plans to visit several archaeology and religion classes during his four-day visit to the College.

If you’re in the area go hear him.  It will doubtless be very informative and potentially even entertaining.

This Is Why I Have Nothing but Contempt for the Media

If Kim Kardashian passes gas the entire world knows it in a minute but if a great scholar, who has made actual, meaningful contributions to the world of learning like Frank Cross dies, you’ll search high and low for so much as a word in passing- in vain.

The media used to have standards and once upon a time actually reported things.  Now it’s nothing more than infotainment.

Christopher Rollston Remembers Frank Moore Cross

Frank Moore Cross, Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages Emeritus has passed away (October 17, 2012). Born July 13, 1921, Professor Cross was educated at Maryville College (where he majored in the hard sciences), McCormick Theological Seminary, and Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D.). Cross was among W.F. Albright’s most gifted and productive students, making seminal and foundational contributions to Northwest Semitic Epigraphy, Dead Sea Scrolls, Textual Criticism, Biblical Studies (etc). He was always kind and encouraging to me, from the time I entered the field his most recent e-mail to me, and I know that he was these things to so many in the field. Frank Moore Cross will be sorely missed, but his contributions to the field will long remain as testimony to his brilliance and productivity. May he rest in peace.

From Chris’s facebook page.  Fine words indeed.

Sad News: The Death of Frank Moore Cross

Via Robert Deutsch the sad news that Frank Cross died last night (October 16).  Cross was 92.  A giant has fallen.  May he rest in peace.

UPDATE: Also just in this remark from Peter Machinist of Harvard:

Dear Colleagues,

I have some very sad news to report, which I just learned: Frank Moore Cross passed away last night. He had taken seriously ill in the last several weeks, and went to a hospice in Rochester, NY, near where he had been living in a retirement community. The hospice was very close to the home of one of his daughters, Ellen Gindele and her family. He was 91, and had certainly lived a long, and highly accomplished life, and was the backbone of our programs at Harvard.

May his memory be for a blessing!



Deutsch and Cross

Nike Has Had Enough of Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong’s disgrace amid doping charges reached a new level after his biggest sponsor, Nike, announced that it was severing its 16-year relationship with the cycling star as he stepped down as chairman of his foundation, Livestrong.

The athletic company said that it was no longer supporting Armstrong after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released an over 200-page report last week that included names of 11 teammates who detail cheating.

A spokesman also confirmed Nike will change the name of the Lance Armstrong Fitness Center at its world headquarters in Beaverton, Ore.

“Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him,” the company said in a statement. “Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner.”

The rats are leaving the sinking ship.  The utterly disgraced after having lied and denied for so many years ship.  Now if Nike would just show the same moral courage and pay its child-slave laborers in sweat shops across the Pacific a decent wage commensurate with the outrageous prices they charge for their products.

More Academic Misconduct: The Case of Dinesh D’Souza

TM Law has been tweeting about this guy– of whom I knew nothing because, well, he’s not exactly known.  It seems Mr D’Souza who is

A conservative scholar behind a high-grossing documentary that condemns President Barack Obama is under investigation by the evangelical college he leads over a report he took a woman who is not his wife to an event on Christian values.  The King’s College board announced the review on Tuesday, the day the conservative Christian newsmagazine WORLD reported event organizers had confronted Dinesh D’Souza about sharing a hotel room with a woman he introduced as his fiancee. D’Souza filed for divorce from his wife, Dixie D’Souza, a few days after the conference, California court records show.

Figures.  Another so called ‘evangelical’ ‘academic’ playing fast and loose with his ‘morals’.  But, like the wrongdoers at Emmanuel Christian Seminary, I’m sure he will find a defender in that most immoral and ignorant of all South Koreans, Honey Tee-Tee.  You see, dear reader, even the most profoundly wicked have people who will willingly take their side because they are as ethically bankrupt and ‘birds of a feather really do flock together’.  Especially the reprobate depraved birds.

Conference Announcement: The Spirituality of The Heidelberg Catechism

June 21-22, 2013
This International Conference, entitled ‘The Spirituality of the Heidelberg Catechism‘, is organized by the Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn, together with the Theologische Universiteit Kampen and the Hersteld Hervormd Seminarie at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The characteristic spirituality of the Heidelberg Catechism will be explored from historical and theological view. Speakers include Lyle D. Bierma, Eberhard Busch, Christian Link, and Andreas Mühling.  Short paper proposals can be submitted until January 2013. Read more info in the Call for Papers.

Six Fiscal Bullae

Robert Deutsch has an essay in a new volume published by SBL in which he examines 6 bullae. He writes

All six bullae are inscribed in Hebrew script and in the Hebrew language. Four bullae are dated and described as belonging to the king who is unnamed, and two are undated. The bullae presented in this paper belong to Group I. The formula used on the fiscal bullae of this group is constant: 1) The date, marked in hieratic numerals; 2) the name of a town; and 3) the king’s ownership. The use of Egyptian hieratic numerals is due to the fact that an individual Hebrew numeric system had not yet developed in Judah in the First Temple period; they are also used on Hebrew ostraca and weights. Two bullae feature Egyptian iconography, a four-winged serpent uraeus wearing the horned sun disk crown of Hathor. Egyptian iconography is often used in the glyptic art of the Iron Age and is also found on seals and seal impressions.

Here, for example, is figure 6-

The essay is nicely done and nicely analytical and I’m sure the remainder of the volume is also useful.