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Society for Old Testament Study Winter Meeting Registration Now Open, And the Program

SOTS Winter 2013 Meeting Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge 2-4 January, 2013 under the presidency of Dr Eryl W. Davies Printable version of the SOTS programme The booking form for the SOTS Winter meeting Location and Directions to Fitzwilliam College The venue … Continue reading

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Want to Win a Copy of ‘Jesus Among Friends and Enemies’?

If your answer is yes, go here.  If your answer is no, go here.  If your answer is I don’t know, go here.  And if you are the sort which prefers not to answer at all, go here.

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This Priest Would Have Been Right at Home in 1515…

Proving again that no matter how much things change, they remain the same. Franciscan priest Father Sime Nimac disappeared after withdrawing the money he had made from selling a piece of Church land near Split without authorisation from the local … Continue reading

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Hold The Presses! Angelina Jolie Is Finally Going Public With Her ‘Outrage’ at the Treatment of Malala!

Whew, what a relief.  Now those of you who have been holding back on expressing your own outrage at the shooting of Malala by the perverted Taliban because there was no one in Hollywood to show you the way, no … Continue reading

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Win a Copy of John Huehnergard’s ‘An Introduction to Ugaritic’

This freshly published and just appearing Ugaritic grammar has arrived from the good folk at Hendrickson for review, along with a copy for me to give away to one lucky soul. Here are the contest rules: 1- In a few … Continue reading

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Larry Hurtado Takes Simcha Jacobovici to the Proverbial Woodshed

He commences– If you want to see a good example of what be-devils any scholarly analysis of practically anything to do with Jesus and early Christianity, have a read of the postings of the Canadian TV self-promoter, Simcha Jacobovici here.  Jacobovici … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: Der ander Sendbrief an die Christen zu Eßlingen

On 16 October Zwingli published his second letter to the good people of Eßlingen. In it he summarizes the Reformed viewpoint and urges them to lay hold of the truth and make it their own. They should abandon the papacy … Continue reading

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The Guardian Too Joins the ‘C-List’ Simcha Disdains, and Denounces the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment as Fake

In a report titled ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: A very modern fake.’  Everything in the report is by now well known to those who have been following the story.  But it does conclude with a little joke which examines … Continue reading

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Simcha Wonders if A Coin Proves Samson Existed…

He titles a report he’s lifted from elsewhere A Coin Found Near Jerusalem Proves that Samson Lived? Ha. And he accuses others of being ‘c-list’… But here’s a guy who has absolutely not one shred of professional training in any … Continue reading

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