9 comments on “So for Emmanuel ‘Christian’ Seminary, Money is the Determinative Factor, Not Scholarship, Education, or Academic Integrity

  1. Does ECS seriously know–as a fact–that Rollston is “offending” (or “alienating”) prospective students? How can they know that? Have they conducted any surveys to verify that claim? If they don’t and haven’t, then that reason for letting Rollston go is a load of σκύβαλα.

    • rollston has brought NOTHING but honor to them. this is how they thank him. reprehensible.

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  3. If ECS is this concerned about the ostensible effects one person can have on prospective students, what is the level of concern for the genuine effects they as an institution have on prospective employees? Or do they even care?

  4. Amen, amen, like some of the goings on here, Ron Wyatt discovered 92 archaeological sites and aside from a few academics, hardly a word from the fundamentalists here. Seems messianic Jews, settlers, missionaries top their list of things to do while a few Americans posing as archaeologists run roughshod over the naive believers, who do not deserve this treatment.

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