Publishers and their ‘Expiring’ Digital Review Copies

I’ve done a few reviews of books sent electronically and I really don’t mind doing so but I don’t think I’ll do any more.  Why?  Because publishers are now in some cases sending electronic editions which expire after 30 or so days.

So what ends up happening is that one receives an electronic copy and works through it only to end up, when all is said and done, with ‘nothing to show for it’.

Publishers send books to reviewers, to journals, and to biblical studies specialists because they want word getting out about their newest offerings and with the implicit understanding that the work of doing the review is recompensed by retention by the reviewer of the book reviewed.

When one reviews electronic books to which access is cut off after a month the publisher, in effect, gets the book publicized gratis.  It’s very clever, but it leaves me cold and, again, I think I will bypass any future offers to review books I’m not going to be able to use beyond 30 days.

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