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Ed Young Will Stoop to any Low in His Quest for Publicity

Even performing a rap tune in a new video. This is the face of modern mega-churchianity where the church has become a paltry shadow of its former self and a number of self promoting publicity whores will do anything whatsoever … Continue reading

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Publishers and their ‘Expiring’ Digital Review Copies

I’ve done a few reviews of books sent electronically and I really don’t mind doing so but I don’t think I’ll do any more.  Why?  Because publishers are now in some cases sending electronic editions which expire after 30 or … Continue reading

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The Most Idiotic News of the Day

ABC News has just reported that the NFL is a non profit organization and pays no taxes??????????   WHAT??  Our tax code is written by morons.

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Post Doc Opening at the Center for the Study of Christianity at Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Announcement today of a Post doc position in the Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. You can download the PDF containing all the relevant details here. Here’s a bit of it- The Center for … Continue reading

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McNutt on Grundmann, Schlatter, and Heschel and the Aryan Jesus

From Cambridge U. Press- The most recent issue of Harvard Theological Review includes an intriguing article by James E. McNutt:  A Very Damning Truth: Walter Grundmann, Adolf Schlatter, and Susannah Heschel’s The Aryan Jesus McNutt examines Susannah Heschel’s work and … Continue reading

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Sad Simcha’s Statement Supporting Forgery

Simcha J. is suggesting that all the learned people calling into question the authenticity of the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment are nothing more than vultures and ‘c-list’ scholars. First, I didn’t know Simcha had a website and apparently neither does the … Continue reading

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I Support Christopher Rollston

Against the egregious and sub-Christian treatment he is receiving at the hands of Emmanual Christian Seminary. I hope you’ll support him too- and feel free to post this photo wherever you like.

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Originally posted on XKV8R: The Official Blog of Robert R. Cargill, Ph.D.:
Dr. Chris Rollston, a tenured professor at Emmanuel Christian Seminary, has had termination proceedings begun against him. According to documents obtained by Inside Higher Ed, his…

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Global Voices: Reading the Bible in the Majority World

The good folk at Hendrickson have sent along an advance copy of a soon to be published book (January 2013) titled as above and edited by Craig Keener and M. Daniel Carroll R. My review is downloadable here.

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Originally posted on Reading Acts:
The October Carnival will be hosted by the gang at BLT (Bible * Literature * Translation).  Abram K-J from Words on the Word is on tap for the December Carnival.  Here is a “call for nominations”…

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So for Emmanuel ‘Christian’ Seminary, Money is the Determinative Factor, Not Scholarship, Education, or Academic Integrity

Scholarship doesn’t matter – it appears – at Emmanuel, money does. The president of a Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor that his views were offending prospective students and possible donors and that he should look for work elsewhere. The … Continue reading

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Rahner and Ratzinger: Heretics

Supporters of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of Society of St Pius X, branded the future Pope Benedict XVI and the late Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner “heretics” during the Second Vatican Council. A previously undiscovered letter written by Karl Rahner to … Continue reading

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Books, E-Books, and Publishing’s Future

A discussion was held at the Frankfurt Book Fair about digital books and the publishing industry.  It’s pretty interesting so take a look here for more than the snippet below. Bloomsbury Executive Director Richard Charkin was full of positivity on the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Why I Think This is Funny…

But I do-

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