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Ed Young Will Stoop to any Low in His Quest for Publicity

Even performing a rap tune in a new video.

This is the face of modern mega-churchianity where the church has become a paltry shadow of its former self and a number of self promoting publicity whores will do anything whatsoever so long as they get the public to gawk at them. (And it’s very fitting that the heretic TD Jakes is also seen here).

[Via Brian le Port, to whom all hate mail should be directed. Or better yet, to Ed Young and his sad and tragic ‘church’ which endures such reprehensible pandering to the world].

Publishers and their ‘Expiring’ Digital Review Copies

I’ve done a few reviews of books sent electronically and I really don’t mind doing so but I don’t think I’ll do any more.  Why?  Because publishers are now in some cases sending electronic editions which expire after 30 or so days.

So what ends up happening is that one receives an electronic copy and works through it only to end up, when all is said and done, with ‘nothing to show for it’.

Publishers send books to reviewers, to journals, and to biblical studies specialists because they want word getting out about their newest offerings and with the implicit understanding that the work of doing the review is recompensed by retention by the reviewer of the book reviewed.

When one reviews electronic books to which access is cut off after a month the publisher, in effect, gets the book publicized gratis.  It’s very clever, but it leaves me cold and, again, I think I will bypass any future offers to review books I’m not going to be able to use beyond 30 days.

The Most Idiotic News of the Day

ABC News has just reported that the NFL is a non profit organization and pays no taxes??????????   WHAT??  Our tax code is written by morons.

Post Doc Opening at the Center for the Study of Christianity at Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Announcement today of a Post doc position in the Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. You can download the PDF containing all the relevant details here. Here’s a bit of it-

The Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites applications for a postdoctoral research fellowship in one of the following areas of study:

* New Testament, Early Christianity, its literature and Jewish context
* Eastern Christianity
* Christianity in Palestine/Eretz-Israel (in all fields and throughout its entire history)
* Jewish-Christian relations

The successful candidate will be awarded for one year (or 6 months), beginning on 1 September 2013:

-A grant of $2000 per month
-Travel expenses
-Library privileges at the Hebrew University

The postdoctoral fellow is expected to pursue her/his own research and publications, and to participate in the ongoing academic activities of the CSC. The fellow will be expected to deliver one or two lectures about her/his own research, and to be present in the Hebrew University for the duration of the fellowship. The fellowship requires residence in Jerusalem.

Candidates should have received their Ph.D. degree after 1 July 2009 and before 1 July 2013 at the latest, from an institution other than the Hebrew University.

McNutt on Grundmann, Schlatter, and Heschel and the Aryan Jesus

From Cambridge U. Press-

The most recent issue of Harvard Theological Review includes an intriguing article by James E. McNutt:  A Very Damning Truth: Walter Grundmann, Adolf Schlatter, and Susannah Heschel’s The Aryan Jesus

McNutt examines Susannah Heschel’s work and finds evidence that any theoretical dichotomy between religious anti-Judaism and racial anti-Semitism is likely obsolete. He finds compelling her argument that the nationalism of Adolf Schlatter added fuel to Nazi anti-Semitism, despite Schlatter’s aversion to National Socialism itself.  Read the full text of this important research article here.

Readers interested in this theme may also wish to read Lukas Bormann’s piece from the July issue of New Testament Studies, which looks at why many of the initial German members of the SNTS were also supporters of the Nazi regime. His article is written in German and focuses on Professor Gerhard Kittel from Tübingen: ‘Auch unter politischen Gesichtspunkten sehr sorgfältig ausgewählt’: Die ersten deutschen Mitglieder der Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (SNTS) 1937–1946.


Sad Simcha’s Statement Supporting Forgery

Simcha J. is suggesting that all the learned people calling into question the authenticity of the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment are nothing more than vultures and ‘c-list’ scholars.

First, I didn’t know Simcha had a website and apparently neither does the rest of the world as Alexa ranks him in the 10,000,000 plus range (which means that the only people who visit his page are himself and his mom).

Second, I didn’t know there were various ‘lists’ of scholars but I suppose when you’re an unlearned journalist who makes a living making and promoting D-List films featuring absurd claims and unsupported and unsubstantiated rubbish you like to construct lists so that you feel better about yourself.

And third, Simcha exposes himself for the person he really is and his true aims when he writes on his virtually unknown page

But here’s the scoop: the naysayers are losing this war. 1,600 years ago one group of Christians decided that theirs is the only legitimate version of Christianity. They impaled their opposition and they burned their texts. Thereafter, anything that contradicted the official version became first “heresy” and now “forgery”. It would have been a perfect crime except for archaeology and that terrible bugaboo – a free press. They keep resurrecting the voices of the dead. And the story they tell is not only not a “forgery,” but it’s what the rest of us call “history”.

‘Scoop’?   Only of poop.  Simcha has been out with his super dooper pooper scooper again and dredged up yet another silly claim in an attempt to bolster his pseudo-scholarship.  No one is trying to hide the truth or cover things up and it isn’t the ‘free press’ which has exposed the very fraud-ridden fake findings featured in Simcha’s films, it’s scholars.

But of course he HAS to say such things doesn’t he.  He’s got a film in the works on the fraudulent patently faked piece of farcicalness and if scholars have already managed to persuade the public that they needn’t waste their time on it, then no advertiser will be willing to buy time when it airs because, let’s be honest for a second, Simcha is as interested in authentic scholarship as Emmanuel Christian Seminary is.

Money is the bottom line, the middle line, and the top line.  So Simcha can screech down his silent well as loudly as he likes.  He won’t persuade anyone who knows anything about the subject.  He can call Francis Watson and Mark Goodacre ‘c list’ scholars all he likes but we all know the truth, don’t we.

With thanks to Mark Goodacre for the tweet informing me of the Simcha-esque nonsense.

I Support Christopher Rollston

Against the egregious and sub-Christian treatment he is receiving at the hands of Emmanual Christian Seminary.

I hope you’ll support him too- and feel free to post this photo wherever you like.

It is authentically infuriating to know that – after the honor Rollston has brought to ECS – he is being treated so scandalously.

XKV8R: The Official Blog of Robert R. Cargill, Ph.D.

Inside Higher Education reporter Libby A. Nelson has written an exposé this morning that sheds tremendous light on an academic scandal presently unfolding at Emmanuel Christian Seminary (formerly Emmanuel School of Religion).

The scandal involves the current attempt to terminate a tenured professor, Dr. Chris Rollston, the Toyozo W. Nakarai Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Studies – a disciplinary process which a another Emmanuel professor, Dr. Paul Blowers, divulged to the public on Facebook last month while criticizing Rollston online for an article he wrote for the Huffington Post in August 2012.

In documents obtained by Inside Higher Ed, it appears that Emmanuel Christian Seminary President, Dr. Michael Sweeney, began the termination process of the tenured Rollston, in part, because of the acute financial crisis presently being experienced at Emmanuel, and the potential of a “six-figure” donation that could bail out the seminary, but from a donor who…

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Global Voices: Reading the Bible in the Majority World

The good folk at Hendrickson have sent along an advance copy of a soon to be published book (January 2013) titled as above and edited by Craig Keener and M. Daniel Carroll R.

My review is downloadable here.

Reading Acts

The October Carnival will be hosted by the gang at BLT (Bible * Literature * Translation).  Abram K-J from Words on the Word is on tap for the December Carnival.  Here is a “call for nominations” at Gaudete Theology.   If you read a particularly interesting blog post, nominate it for the Carnival by posting a comment at Gaudete, or by email at bltcarnival AT gmail DOT com.

What makes a good BiblioBlog Post?  I can only offer by opinion, but it seems to me that the post is a contribution to scholarship, the sort of thing that you might read in a Journal or hear in a class. Sometimes there is a post that challenges the way you think about a particular issue, or cuts through the usual blog-noise to the heart of the matter.  Perhaps you bookmark it as a resource to be used…

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So for Emmanuel ‘Christian’ Seminary, Money is the Determinative Factor, Not Scholarship, Education, or Academic Integrity

Scholarship doesn’t matter – it appears – at Emmanuel, money does.

The president of a Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor that his views were offending prospective students and possible donors and that he should look for work elsewhere.

The trouble began when Christopher Rollston, a professor of Old Testament and Semitic Studies at Emmanuel Christian Seminary, a graduate seminary affiliated with the Restoration Movement, wrote an opinion article for The Huffington Post’s religion section about the marginal status of women in the Bible. “To embrace the dominant biblical view of women would be to embrace the marginalization of women,” Rollston wrote. “And sacralizing patriarchy is just wrong.”

Rollston is completely right to write as he has written and his view is both theologically and biblically correct.  If prospective students at Emmanuel or donors think otherwise it’s merely an indication of their own theological ignorance.

Further, the fact that the school is acting as it is purely for the sake of money shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that Mr Blowers and his cohorts are more interested in money than truth.  And that means Emmanuel has ceased to be an institution of higher learning and is now simply a money collecting agency.  How sad.

Congratulations Mr Blowers, you and your ilk have managed to destroy a school and turn it into a gathering of greedy televangelists telling the ignorant flock what it desperately wishes to hear just to make a buck.

Rahner and Ratzinger: Heretics

Supporters of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of Society of St Pius X, branded the future Pope Benedict XVI and the late Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner “heretics” during the Second Vatican Council.

A previously undiscovered letter written by Karl Rahner to his brother, Fr Hugo Rahner SJ, during the council in November 1963 has revealed that the French Intégristes – followers of Lefebvre – accused him and Fr Joseph Ratzinger as “heretic[s] who deny the existence of hell and are worse than Teilhardt de Chardin and the Modernists”.

The letter, part of an exhibition in Munich, states that Rahner consoled himself with the knowledge that the pamphlet in which the accusation appeared also called Pope John XXIII “a harbinger of the Anti-Christ” and attacked Cardinal Giovanni Montini, the future Pope Paul VI.

How fun!  And how interesting that the worst person they can think of to compare the heretic brothers to is de Chardin!  I think I would have liked this guy Lefebvre.  He sounds like a real hoot.

Books, E-Books, and Publishing’s Future

A discussion was held at the Frankfurt Book Fair about digital books and the publishing industry.  It’s pretty interesting so take a look here for more than the snippet below.

Bloomsbury Executive Director Richard Charkin was full of positivity on the opening morning of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Publishing had reacted remarkably quickly to digital, he insisted – academic publishing is now 90% digital, with trade now at around 15% and rising quickly. The problem is that the lessons publishers have learned from digital aren’t being applied to the rest of their businesses: royalties are still being paid on a recommended retail price that nobody actually pays, and there are complexities in the distribution system that would make a rocket scientist blush.

I Don’t Know Why I Think This is Funny…

But I do-

Via Ref.ch on FB