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How To Recognize a False Shepherd

In his brilliant book ‘The Shepherd’, Zwingli offers 9 marks of the ‘false shepherd’.  Here they are: And now a summary wherein you can recognize false shepherds: 1. All who do not teach are nothing but wolves, though they might … Continue reading

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Argo: My Thoughts on It

Thought #1 – a brilliant film.  #2- brilliantly acted by one and all.  #3- masterfully directed.  And #4- if you go see it, you won’t be sorry that you have.

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Christian History Magazine: Back Issues In PDF

I think there are a number of persons who might find this very interesting indeed.  Persons who simply register at Christian History Magazine can access, for free, back issues of the magazine in pdf.  And, in my opinion, many of … Continue reading

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What Do the Taliban Fear Most? Not Bombs or Bullets… But…

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Madonna’s Title as ‘Miss Inappropriate’ Verified Again

I don’t see how stripping down to nearly nothing supports a Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban; but so far as Madonna is concerned, if it draws attention to herself, anything is worth stripping for. Clearly not content with flashing … Continue reading

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The VP Debate Summarized In One Simple Captioned Photo

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This Time Chris Heard is Right: Standing Alongside Chris Rollston

I don’t always agree with Chris, but when I do you can bet the farm it’s about something important and this time he’s right to insist that it is our responsibility to stand by Chris Rollston’s side and come to his aid, … Continue reading

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The Current Number of Zwingliana Has Arrived

It’s a grand day indeed!  The current issue of Zwingliana arrived in the mail.  The table of contents are available online but the contents themselves are only available in the print edition. There’s a three year ‘lag’ for online content. … Continue reading

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Let us Go Up To Zion: Essays in Honour of H.G.M. Williamson on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday

Brill have sent the newly published Festschrift for the magnificently honor-worthy Hugh Williamson titled ‘Let us God Up to Zion: Essays in Honour of H.G.M. Williamson on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday‘ for review. This volume honours Professor H. … Continue reading

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TVZ At the Frankfurt Book Fair

via Next year in Frankfurt….

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