Total Depravity: The Child Raping H.S. Quarterback

The quarterback at Mt. Pleasant High School in Maury County has been arrested for the rape of a child. Detective Anthony Bailey with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department told Nashville’s News 2 18-year-old Princeton Harlan was arrested at the school Wednesday morning. Jackson said authorities began investigating Harlan and two other teens, a 16 year old and a 17-year-old, one month ago. Investigators have not released the names of the two other teens because they are charged as juveniles.

Authorities said the sexual encounters involving a 12-year-old female victim at separate times around the beginning of July. Detective Bailey did not describe the encounters as forcible, but because the victim is 12 she can not legally give consent to have sex. Detective Bailey also did not comment on how the teens met the victim. “The girl in this case went to her biological mother and told her she thought she was pregnant. That’s what started us investigating the case,” Detective Bailey said. “She was pregnant and had an abortion.”

Dear Lord. A rapist. A gang of rapists. A willing and yet unable to consent child victim. A pregnancy. And an abortion. Dear Lord. The cure for all of this is true faith. Something with which, sadly, so few have any interest.

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