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More Rabbinic Misconduct

The influential rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto and his wife were arrested and investigated on Thursday. They were charged with attempting to bribe a police officer and money laundering. They were released under restrictive conditions once the investigation was completed. There are … Continue reading

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It’s James Crossley’s Birthday…

So what better way to say ‘happy birthday’ than to post photos of the kid over the years… Happy birthday friend.

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The Order of Worship, In Zurich, As the Reformation Took Hold

First, in a sermon of appropriate length is preached the goodness of God which He has shown us through His Son, and the people are directed to the knowledge of this and thanksgiving for it. When this is finished a … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Child Raping H.S. Quarterback

The quarterback at Mt. Pleasant High School in Maury County has been arrested for the rape of a child. Detective Anthony Bailey with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department told Nashville’s News 2 18-year-old Princeton Harlan was arrested at the school … Continue reading

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A Video…

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Just In Case You’re Fairly Blind and Can’t Look at the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment and Know it Isn’t Ancient…

There’s more evidence that the thing is a piece of bogus rubbish- kindly provided by the scholar who lives up to the first syllable of his surname, Mark Goodacre– Line 1 of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife fragment copies a typo from … Continue reading

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Mismanagement by Palestinians

I saw mention of this by Shahar Shocron on the facebook- Journalist Michael Freund posted the image above on his Facebook page. For those who cannot recognize what it is, Freund explains. “Here, in a pile of rubble and trash on the … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: ‘Summer 2012 New Discoveries and Innovations’ (Tel Aviv University)

Excavations of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University Thursday, November 1, 2012, Room 223, Gilman Building 15:45-16:15 – Gathering and Refreshments 16:15-17:30 – First Session Greetings by the director of the Institute, Oded Lipschits Awarding … Continue reading

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More on Malina

Robert Myles, who has a pretty good series going on reviewing Crossley’s ‘Jesus in an Age of Neoliberalism’, has another post along the same lines- this time focusing on the views of Bruce Malina. I’d just add two observations (and I … Continue reading

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Rude Catholics and Their Violence: On The Anniversary of Zwingli’s Vicious Murder

How’s that for setting the tone…  Anyway, on this, the unhappy anniversary of Zwingli’s dreadful murder at the hands of Catholic troops at Kappel-am-Albis, Bullinger’s report – On the battlefield, not far from the line of attack, Mr. Ulrich Zwingli … Continue reading

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