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I’m Wanting to Make My Blogroll More Inclusive

So, if you are a white male between the ages of 30 and 60 with a biblioblog or theoblog, and you are a Christian, and you hale from either the Reformed or Lutheran tradition, do send along a note with your blog address and I’ll take a look.

I already have one woman (Francesca) and two people of color (i.e., atheists)(Jim Linville and Scott Bailey) so I’m really only looking for those who meet the qualifications as set out above.

Mr Romney Needs To Visit Sesame Street, For Some Basic Math

An Introduction to Ugaritic, by John Huehnergard

It’s brand spanking new and just announced- published by the good folk at Hendrickson:

Highly respected linguist John Huehnergard brings his command of and vast knowledge in the field of comparative Semitic linguistics to this introductory grammar. Every aspect of the grammar is enriched by his broad understanding, while maintaining an unexcelled directness and order to the learning of the fundamental grammar of Ugaritic.

Designed for students already familiar with Biblical Hebrew, this grammar contains the information necessary to help them become proficient in Ugaritic, and includes exercises to assist in learning basic grammar before commencing work with the actual Ugaritic texts. It is set apart from other gram¬mar books by its immense understanding of comparative Semitic grammar, and the concise and accurate manner in which Huehnergard presents the information.

My review is here.

Another Video Interview with Cardinal Carlo Martini

With many thanks to Antonio Lombatti for pointing it out. It’s simultaneously wonderful and saddening as the frailty taking hold – and which will in a short time claim his life – is so present and evident.

May God bless this dear man.

More Pastoral Misconduct: The Hubris of James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel…

Where it sounds like the only thing being harvested is a lot of money from sheared sheep pockets.

At the link above we read

MacDonald said to the elder board in a meeting:  “If you want to remove me, you’re going to have to sue me to get me out of here.  And gentlemen, I have two things you don’t have: control of the pulpit and the control of the money.  So good luck.”

Read the rest and follow the adjoining links at the linkage above.  I will never understand why people attend ‘churches’ like that with Pastors driven so clearly by greed and power.  The only thing that enables them to continue to destroy the flock is the flock itself.  A flock, it must be said, of enablers of evil.  The folk there must love being swindled.  Maybe it makes them feel special or maybe they just think that Christianity is a game to be played by the indolent and uncommitted.   Or maybe they think they don’t have the right to rid themselves of a cancer.  They do, but Mr Powerbroker must have deceived them so thoroughly that they can’t see it.

Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide

From the publisher (which has sent an e-copy for review)

The history of women interpreters of the Bible is a neglected area of study. Marion Taylor presents a one-volume reference tool that introduces readers to a wide array of women interpreters of the Bible from the entire history of Christianity, from the early church to the twenty-first century. Her research has implications for understanding biblical interpretation–especially the history of interpretation–and influencing contemporary study of women and the Bible.

Contributions by over 125 top scholars introduce foremothers of the faith who address issues of interpretation that continue to be relevant to faith communities today, such as women’s roles in the church and synagogue and the idea of religious feminism. Women’s interpretations also raise awareness about differences in the ways women and men may read the Scriptures in light of differences in their life experiences. This text will prove useful to students, scholars, and pastors, who will be inspired, provoked, and challenged by the women introduced in the handbook. It will also provide a foundation for further detailed research and analysis.

My review of this amazing volume can be downloaded here.

The Hebrew Prophets and Their Social World, 2nd ed.

Baker have just published the second edition of a very useful volume which many of us have used with great benefit in the past.
1. Historical Geography
2. Defining and Describing the Prophet
3. Premonarchic Prophetic Activity
4. Early Monarchic Prophets
5. Elijah and Elisha
6. Major and Minor Prophets
7. The Book of Amos
8. The Book of Hosea
9. The Book of Isaiah
10. The Book of Micah
11. Prophetic Voices of the Late Seventh Century
12. The Book of Jeremiah
13. The Book of Ezekiel
14. Postexilic Prophecy
15. The Hellenistic Period and the Book of Daniel
16. Final Thoughts
I’ve got an e-copy of the text (courtesy the good folk at Baker) and once I’ve made my way through it I’ll post my scintillating review here.

From Cheating Lying Politicians to Cheating Lying Jocks… It’s All the Same

Emails CNN-

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency says it will release more than 1,000 pages of evidence detailing the involvement of cyclist Lance Armstrong in what the agency calls “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”  Armstrong, who won an unprecedented seven Tour de France titles, announced in August that he would no longer fight doping charges that the agency brought against him.

Of course it was sophisticated cheating.  Simple cheating is beneath millionaires.  They require more underhanded methods which are less detectable.  But, at the end of the day, what does it matter?  It’s a sport, and not a very interesting one.  If he doped, if he didn’t dope, who cares.  The moral issue is his burden alone.  And since he’s an atheist I doubt he cares about the moral ramifications of cheating since, in his mind, he has no God to answer to.

But I’m sure he will say he’s innocent.  Does anything think that he is all of a sudden going to grow a conscience and stand up and admit cheating?  Please.

Why Is Anyone Surprised When Politicians Are Exposed as Liars and Cheats?

A pro-life, family-values congressman who worked as a doctor before winning election as a Tea Party-backed Republican had an affair with a patient and later pressured her to get an abortion, according to a phone call transcript obtained by The Huffington Post.

The congressman, Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, was trying to save his marriage at the time, according to his remarks on the call, made in September of 2000. And, according to three independent sources familiar with the call and the recording, he made the tape himself.

DesJarlais, who was provided a copy of the transcript by HuffPost, did not deny its contents, but in a statement released through his campaign characterized it as just another sordid detail dredged up by the opposition. “Desperate personal attacks do not solve our nation’s problems, yet it appears my opponents are choosing to once again engage in the same gutter politics that CBS news called the dirtiest in the nation just 2 years ago.”

Unsurprising.  Totally.  No, not that his ‘enemies’ are out to get him but that his behavior is surprising.  It isn’t.  He’s a politician and politicians are, whatever their party, liars.  His evasion of the issue is just more of the same ‘hey I don’t have to answer that’ subversion of the truth that we see all the time (and not just in politicians, but even in certain members of the faculty at institutions of higher learning).

If a politician is speaking, he or she is lying.  Especially in an election year.  And if the general public doesn’t know that then it deserves to be saddled with the deceivers it seems to love so well.  A people have the politicians they deserve and America deserves these decrepit and depraved miscreants.

Christopher Rollston and Martin Luther: On Christian Academic Freedom

Luther Bible, 1534

A very fine, and terribly interesting as well as stunningly well written and engaging (and I would also add perfectly brilliant in brilliant perfection) essay has appeared at Bible and Interpretation titled Christopher Rollston and Martin Luther: On Christian Academic Freedom. Do read it- or you’ll regret not having done so when everyone is discussing it around the water-cooler.

On George Beasley-Murray’s Birthday

Today marks the anniversary of G.R. Beasley-Murray’s birth in 1916.  He was a wonderful scholar, churchman, and friend.  He wrote a fascinating commentary on John and was the chief editor responsible for translating Rudolf Bultmann’s commentary on John into English.  No small task, I assure you.  He also wrote a massive tome on the Kingdom of God.  That’s a fine read indeed.

We met while I was a ThM student at Southeastern when George was there doing a semester as a visiting Professor.  We struck up a fast friendship and George and his wife Ruth (a really lovely and funny woman) hosted me at their home in Hove when I visited England and France a couple of weeks in the early 90′s.

I still miss him and think of him quite often.  He died in 2000.  His son Paul wrote a fine little bio of the man that really captures his essence.  You’d enjoy it, I think.

Quote of the Day

Das menschliche Herz kann nicht ruhig sein, wenn es sich nicht auf Gott stützt, wenn es nicht in ihm als seinem Grunde ruht. – Phillip Melanchthon

A New Testament Biblical Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New

Baker Academic have sent along for review this volume.  That review is here.

In Saying Something Pleasing to Everyone, We Say Nothing at All

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