A.T. Robertson on the Importance of Educated Clergy: Take Note, Mr Blowers

In his inaugural address A.T. Robertson (no raging liberal that one!) said

There exists a half-suppressed feeling among many good people that much learning is not good for a preacher. And this feeling is not always suppressed, but finds expression in various insinuations aimed at educated ministers and the schools they attended. Some people, having heard that “a little learning is a dangerous thing,” conclude that much learning is much more so. Hence they would limit the “much” to a very small amount, and so do many preachers. A tender fear is entertained that the young minister will become heretical if he knows too much. And so he may, if he studies along heretical lines. But all learning is not skeptical. There is still such a thing as reverent scholarship. Surely infidelity and rationalism have not absorbed all knowledge. You may even hear that a theological seminary is a very nest of heresy, and that, too, where Calvinism of the straitest sort is taught. But such an objection to theological education may arise from ignorance of the real workings of the institution.*

Perhaps that’s just what is going on in the mind of Mr. Blowers at Emmanuel Christian Seminary.  Perhaps he, and others, need to remember that scholars can also be Christian, and deeply so.  There’s more to fear from uneducated Clergy than from those Clergy who are both educated AND faithful.

*Preaching and Scholarship: Inaugural Address of Archibald Thomas Robertson.

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