In Which Mr Blowers Sidesteps the Real Issue of the Moment

New at Bible and Interpretation, an essay by Mr Blowers concerning the Rollston Affair.  You’ll read it, though, in vain if you’re looking for an explanation as to why Emmanuel (or at least segments of it) are seemingly trying to oust Prof. Rollston.  The closest he comes is with some chatter about how Emmanuel’s main purpose is the education of Pastors who will doubtless lead churches where knowledge of the subtleties of higher criticism are undesirable.  He – in fine ‘administration’ style – sidesteps the crucial questions which are:

1- What’s the real reason that you’re trying to get rid of Chris Rollston?


2- What possible justification could you have for doing so if you’re (God unwilling) successful?

I for one think those questions should be answered.  Sure, I’m not connected to the school, only know one person there, and don’t really have any interest in it beyond that.  But when a school dumps a Prof (or appears to want to) then it’s everyone’s business because all of us- if we’re Christians- are called to ‘rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep’.  Our lives are intertwined, and any suggestion that they shouldn’t be is a blind spot (to be charitable) on Christian teaching.

So, kindly answer those questions without equivocation or evasion.  Just answer them.  Why do you want Rollston gone?  How has he failed the mission of the school?  A sentence each will do, and nothing else will be acceptable.

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