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The US Border Agent Killed Days Ago… Was Apparently Killed by Friendly Fire…

CNN emails- This week’s fatal shooting of a Border Patrol agent and the wounding of another was likely the result of friendly fire, the FBI said Friday.  “While it is important to emphasize that the FBI’s investigation is actively continuing, … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: On Appreciation (Or Really, the Lack Thereof) of the Pastor

It is vexatious for a true apostle and a faithful, called pastor to see and to hear that people despise the precious office and the Word, that they show little appreciation for these and superciliously criticize them. What is to … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

In court… A bachelor party celebration at a Philadelphia strip club turned painfully dangerous for Chris Tilling Patrick Gallagher, who says his bladder was ruptured while participating in a pole dance on stage.  Tilling Gallagher, of Lansdale, Pa., filed a lawsuit in … Continue reading

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Sullivan is Right- Under Netanyahu, Israel is No Ally

Sullivan observes As long as Netanyahu is Israel’s prime minister, Israel is not our ally. It’s a liability, undermining US foreign policy in the most important struggle we still face: Jihadist violence. He’s not wrong.  He’s also right when he … Continue reading

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Beale’s Behemoth: The Impending Review

I”ve been working on the review of G.K. Beale’s marvelous ‘A New Testament Biblical Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New‘ for the nice folk at Baker Academic.  it’s coming along nicely but it’s an extremely large, … Continue reading

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Logos Users- An Announcement

I’ve been informed that the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Bundle is on sale this week for only $109.95?  The sale is good through Thursday the 11th, with couponcode WEEKLYNTDISCOURSE.  You can see the collection here.  http://www.logos.com/product/3888/lexham-discourse-greek-new-testament-bundle.  I mention it (gladly) because … Continue reading

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Quote of the Month

“It is true that all the peoples reject evil, yet it advances in all of them. It is true that truth is esteemed in the utterances of all the nations – yet is there any tongue or language that grasp it? … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Joe Zias’ Letter to Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Dear Professor/President, While going on line this morning I happened to run across some information regarding theological issues between faculty there and Professor Rollston. As an Israeli archaeologist interested in the Historical Jesus I follow to a great extent what … Continue reading

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Dr Robert Cargill’s Response to Emanuel’s Dr Blower’s Critique of Chris Rollston

On the previously mentioned essay (in comments) Cargill writes (extensively, and yet I’m compelled to replicate it all) Dr. Blowers, As an alum of, and former adjunct professor at a Restoration school (Pepperdine), and as a colleague of Dr. Rollston’s, … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry Thinks He’s Dr. Doolittle

  Stephen Fry has denounced critics of same sex marriages claiming there are 260 animal species that have gay tendencies but only humans are homophobic. Really??? So Fry has the ability to speak to animals and has asked them what … Continue reading

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Did You Know That A Recent Discovery of Noah’s Ark Will Call into Question the ‘Theory of Revolution’???

It’s a fact!  And those ‘bible code’ crackpots think they’ve discovered the key to Noah’s Ark… Ha! The book is about the discovery of what is believed to be Noah’s ark. A team of Turkish and Chinese explorers found a … Continue reading

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Hans Küng May Be Old, But He’s Still Fiery

One of the world’s most prominent Catholic theologians has called for a revolution from below to unseat the pope and force radical reform at the Vatican. Hans Küng is appealing to priests and churchgoers to confront the Catholic hierarchy, which … Continue reading

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This Land is Mine…

With thanks to Manu Pfoh for pointing out this delightful film- This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

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More Judicial Misconduct: A Rapist Released Because a Severely Handicapped Woman Didn’t ‘Resist’ Him…

These foolish judges just declared open season on all handicapped women, many of whom are physically incapable due to their circumstances, of resisting violent intrusions. A Connecticut court has set an accused rapist free, saying there wasn’t sufficient evidence to … Continue reading

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New From TVZ

Band 20 der Basler Studien zur Kulturgeschichte Osteuropas (Pano Verlag) ist jetzt erhältlich:  Isabelle Vonlanthen: Dichten für das Vaterland.

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R. Joseph Hoffmann: ‘Mormons Are the Best Liars in the World’

And that’s the mildest thing Hoffmann has to say about Mitt Romney.  In his viciousness, there’s an awful lot of truth. A lot has been made about Romney’s lies, and his commitment to post-truth politics. But they are not really … Continue reading

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Answering Your Letters: The Backstory to the Open Letter for Rollston

This is but one of a number of letters I’ve received asking the same question: Dear Jim, I’m not familiar with what’s happening to Dr. Rollston.  Do you mind explaining?  Like you, I admire his work and can’t understand him … Continue reading

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