An Open Letter to the Emmanuel Christian Seminary Concerning Christopher Rollston

To Whom it May Concern,

I cannot, at the present moment in time, imagine why Christopher Rollston has come under fire from certain quarters simply because his views are intelligent, refined, dignified, honest, truthful, insightful, brilliant, and recognized around the world as authoritative.

If I may, to help you see things from a broader perspective, point out to you several facts which you should certainly be aware of:

1- Professor Rollston is widely and universally positively regarded and highly respected by his peers, colleagues, and even opponents in the academic world.  You are, and I assure you of the truth of this fact, blessed, in every sense of that word, to have him on your faculty.  Let me say that again, you are blessed to have him there.

2- His anemically unintellectual attacker should be ashamed of himself for his cowardly and underhanded manipulative attempts to persuade you otherwise.  No one brings more to the table than Chris when it comes to honest and genuinely useful interpretation of the linguistic facts.  Certainly not his enemy in this case!

3- If you were to survey people in the field of epigraphy and ask them whose opinion and interpretation they trust, Chris’s name will come up, I guarantee, in the top three every time and most likely his will be the first name mentioned.

In this, a humble – open – public – and plain letter I appeal to you to see with open eyes that the only motivation behind this scurrilous, shameful, scandalous attack on Prof. Rollston is crass and disreputable sub-Christian jealousy, impure and simple.

Therefore I urge you, in the plainest language possible, to stand up for Prof. Rollston publicly, loudly, and immediately.  Your reputation as an institution of higher learning is at stake.

If you stand by and allow this contemptible attack to continue unanswered, I can faultlessly assert that you will be seen as a school where petty jealousy determines policy, and that, dear friends, would be a true and authentic tragedy.

Yours most sincerely,

Jim West, ThD
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Quartz Hill School of Theology
Pastor, Petros Baptist Church

[Please do feel free, dear reader, to send a letter of your own to the Dean and the President and others at the Seminary as you see fit.  You can contact them here].