A Guest Post, By James Bos: A Letter to ECS In Support of Christopher Rollston

Dear Dean Holland and President Sweeney,

It has come to my attention that Professor Chris Rollston has been attacked personally and professionally by another member of the faculty at ECS. I would like to voice my support for Professor Rollston. He is an extraordinary scholar, a gentle and kind man, someone who values truth, and who promotes honest scholarship. I have read numerous of his essays and have benefited from my reading of them. And the article published in Huffington Post, which seems to have spawned the attacks from Professor Blowers, is an excellent piece. In fact, I will be using it as one of the introductory readings in my course titled Women of the Judeo-Christian Bible the next time I teach it.

Under no circumstances would Professor Rollston deserve a reprimand or any other form of disciplinary action as sought by Professor Blowers, and in contrast, it is Professor Blowers’ actions that are entirely unprofessional, not to mention unseemly.


James M. Bos
Visiting Instructor of Religion
University of Mississippi

2 thoughts on “A Guest Post, By James Bos: A Letter to ECS In Support of Christopher Rollston

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  2. Karen Nemet-Nejat

    It is shocking to me that a religious institution should be so uncomfortable with scholarship. The reaction of the University shows fear of ideas. I am curious how a decision is made as to who is religious and who is not in their teachings and writings–who is playing God in making that judgment. The university should be proud that one of its staff, Professor Christopher Rollston, had his work chosen by the Huffington Post. The ideas he expressed were innocuous and explains what is clearly written in the Bible..


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