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A Guest Post, By James Bos: A Letter to ECS In Support of Christopher Rollston

Dear Dean Holland and President Sweeney, It has come to my attention that Professor Chris Rollston has been attacked personally and professionally by another member of the faculty at ECS. I would like to voice my support for Professor Rollston. … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Luther, on the Quran

In 1542 Luther published Brother Richard’s Refutation of the Koran, Translated into German by Dr. M. Luther (Widerlegung des Alkoran Bruder Richardi; verdeutscht dutch Dr. M. Luther) (WA 53, [261] 271–396). In the preface Luther expressed amazement that the Koran … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Remnant of Giants:
While some people make a name for themselves, in the case of Og, it may be that the name created the person. Deuteronomy 3.11 describes King Og of Bashan as ‘the last of the…

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The Debate ‘Uh’s

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An Open Letter to the Emmanuel Christian Seminary Concerning Christopher Rollston

To Whom it May Concern, I cannot, at the present moment in time, imagine why Christopher Rollston has come under fire from certain quarters simply because his views are intelligent, refined, dignified, honest, truthful, insightful, brilliant, and recognized around the … Continue reading

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An Update on the BibleWorks 9 and Mac Announcement

The folk at BW9 write (in clarification of yesterday’s announcement) We’ve just been informed of license restrictions that force us to amend yesterday’s email announcement. If you obtain the BW9 Mac Public Preview through our webstore by 10/15/2012, there will … Continue reading

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From the Introduction…

Of the soon to appear Archaeology, Bible, Politics, and the Media: Proceedings of the Duke University Conference, April 23-24, 2009, edited by our friends Eric and Carol Meyers — The editors hope that this collection of essays and responses will … Continue reading

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Another Pretty Good Week

From last Thursday to last night (Come on Africa, shape up)

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Noah’s Ark Has Been Found… Yet Again… Again

And you just know that if the website announcing the find is called ‘Bible Code‘ it has to be the real deal… God gave us all important data in the Biblecode, to find the Ark.  And he made clear, that … Continue reading

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Another Soul-less Teen Treats the Baby She Bore Like Trash

Illinois authorities arrested a 19-year-old woman after she allegedly admitted to dumping her 3-week-old daughter in a remote area. Kendra Meaker, of Toulon, a city located about 30 miles northwest of Peoria, was charged in Stark County Circuit Court on … Continue reading

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Leonhard Goppelt and the University of Munich

I had searched and searched and looked and looked, for a pretty good while, online, for a photo of Professor Goppelt- with no luck.  Till today, when the nice folk at the University of Munich responded to my inquiry as … Continue reading

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New Testament Studies

The latest issue of New Testament Studies is now available online, including the following research articles: ’Εϰϰλησία τοῦ θεοῦ: The ‘Church of God’ and the Civic Assemblies (ἐϰϰλησίαι) of the Greek Cities in the Roman Empire: A Response to Paul … Continue reading

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