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‘A Mighty Fortress’ – The Jazz Version

My favorite hymn— jazzified. It makes me die a little…

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California’s Pedophiles Are Upset… That they Can’t Celebrate… Halloween…

Golly gee Mr  Pedophile… we just can’t understand what the State is thinking when it refuses to allow you to mingle with little children… Five California sex offenders and their families are suing the city of Simi Valley, Calif., claiming … Continue reading

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Predicting The Outcome of the Election

I’m going to go way out on a limb and go ahead and predict the winner of the US election (and if I’m wrong feel justified in calling me a false prophet) – The winner will be….. Big business.  Lobbyists. … Continue reading

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What Explanation is there For the Sudden Jump in Gas Prices? – Simplified

Well you see, in Syria a mortar was fired across the border at Turkey and Turkey responded with artillery and since neither export oil the price had to go up because the gas at your station was put in the … Continue reading

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Beggar Millionaires

One word- infuriating: A new report shows that some 2,400 millionaires received unemployment insurance benefits during the economic downturn, a number that has caught the attention of politicians who funded extensions of benefits for up to 99 weeks as the … Continue reading

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The Horror of Halloween: The ‘Jesus Fresco’ Costume

I hate Halloween.  This year I have reason to hate it even more.  And I do.

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He’s Back…

Jim Linville, that is.  The funniest Canadian biblioblogger ever.  And I’m glad he is (in spite of the fact that his blogroll is miserably and inexplicably lacking).  So since he’s back, he’s back on the blogroll.  You’ll enjoy the irreverent … Continue reading

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The City of Chicago Prepares for the Arrival of the American Academy of Religion (AAR)

In such a way as to make that particular group feel most welcome and at home… Chicago police officers in a helicopter discovered two football fields of marijuana plants, estimated to be worth about $7 to $10 million, on the … Continue reading

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Something Very Much Worth Remembering

“Spiritual Christians look upon the world not as a playground but as a battleground.” —  AW Tozer.  We forget that to our own peril and to the imperiling of the world.

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BibleWorks on a Mac

Jim Barr writes BibleWorks is announcing today that users can download a FREE installer that allows Mac users to run BibleWorks on their machines. I thought you might want to post this on your website/blog. NO VM software required! NO … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of the Publication of the Marburg Articles

The Marburg Articles are the result of the conference held at Marburg and sponsored by Phillip of Hesse.  Zwingli’s publication of them took place on 3 October, 1529 and you can read them here.  A few previous posts on the … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: “Johnny Cash in the Holy Land: Christian Zionism and American Popular Culture”

It’s to be held October 11th at Duke University and I wish I could attend.  If you’re in the area, you ought to.  All the details are here.

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More Information on the Forthcoming Memorial Volume for Leonhard Goppelt

The good folk at de Gruyter have tweeted the tentative title and editorial information: Bedrängnis und Identität: Studien zu Situation, Kommunikation und Theologie des 1. Petrusbriefs, Edited by Prof. Dr. David du Toit (in the series, BZNW). They also advise- Tentative … Continue reading

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Speaking of Tilling…

I will always fondly remember Chris and I hanging out at one of the SBL annual meetings and my introducing him to someone who walked up and said ‘you’re Jim West aren’t you!  I read your blog all the time, … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Not London, Rome.  Where he’s up to no good (per usual)- An Italian English man has eluded Vatican security and scaled the 130-meter-high (142-feet-high) dome of St. Peter’s Basilica to protest Italian government and European Union policies. Officials said Wednesday that … Continue reading

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Excavating Azekah

Via Oded Lipschits and Bob Cargill on the FB.

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Thelma and Louise: The Saudi Version

Via Giorgio Girardet on FB-

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Wikipedia: Where Ignorance is Truly Invincible

And where the facts just don’t matter.  Exhibit 289,909- the case of the actual Professor of History who’s accurate edits were almost instantly replaced by unbelievable inaccuracy.  NPR has the details in a report you should listen to as soon … Continue reading

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