Recent Publications from Giovanni Garbini

In case you’ve missed them over the past couple of years, here’s a listing of Prof. Garbini’s latest productions:

first, just appearing, a new edition of his I filistei. Gli antagonisti di Israele which contains numerous corrections, additions, and two entirely new chapters.

Second, a volume titled Dio della terra, dio del cielo. Dalle religioni semitiche al giudaismo e al cristianesimo.

And finally, Letteratura e politica nell’Israele antico. This volume is a collection of essays previously published in a number of places.

Each of these will be of interest to students of the history and religion of Ancient Israel.


One thought on “Recent Publications from Giovanni Garbini

  1. Emanuel Pfoh 1 Oct 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I read Letteratura… Great. I’m half way with Dio della terra…, also a very interesting reading (I’ll write a review if I have the time).


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