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Very Sad News: The Death of Abraham Malherbe

Via Jeremy O’Clair this link to the sad news of Prof. Malherbe’s death– Abraham Malherbe, the Buckingham Professor Emeritus of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale Divinity School, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday, Sept. 28 from an apparent … Continue reading

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Michael Explains Wikipedia…

Finally, someone has explained what Wikipedia really is in simple terms, briefly.  With appreciation to Manu Pfoh for pointing it out.

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Murders in North Afghanistan, Um, I Mean Chicago, Hit 400

Homicides in Chicago have reached a new high this year, even as recent data show that surging gun violence in the Windy City has slowed from its devastating midsummer heights.  With still three months of the year ahead, Chicago has seen … Continue reading

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Free Access to Near Eastern Archaeology for a Month

Follow the link to myJSTOR to sign in or set up an account and get free access to NEA for a month! http://www.jstor.org/token/78MvUTbgTIUuDIXdhiSP/mark.asor.org.   I think their motto should be ‘We’re Way Better Than BAR’.  I suspect, though, that they won’t … Continue reading

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Register to Access SAGE Journals for the Entire Month of October, Free

SAGE is proud to offer free access to our highly advanced online research tools and resources, including SAGE Journals, SAGE Research Methods, and SAGE Knowledge. Designed to offer extensive research features, comprehensive access to robust scholarly content, and customization tools that allow researchers to refine … Continue reading

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What Has Cassidy Goodson Done That Thousands Upon Thousands of Doctors Haven’t?

America’s legal murder for convenience policy (you call it abortion, I call it murder for convenience) is carried out every day- so why are we so horrified when a 14 year old murderess slaughters an infant still attached by the … Continue reading

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The Free Book of the Month from Logos: ‘The Doctrine of Prayer’ by Hastings

Another good one. Hastings addresses the complicated issue of prayer. He explores the nature, principles, types, and value of prayer. Hastings also gives practical encouragement and advice for those beginning in prayer, as well as for seasoned prayers. Included are … Continue reading

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Recent Publications from Giovanni Garbini

In case you’ve missed them over the past couple of years, here’s a listing of Prof. Garbini’s latest productions: first, just appearing, a new edition of his I filistei. Gli antagonisti di Israele which contains numerous corrections, additions, and two … Continue reading

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Who Is Invisible to Whom

This cartoon showed up on the Facebook and I think it’s fascinating- As I read this, the Pastor is in full color and everyone else is in light shades- indicating, at least to me, that life continues for the world … Continue reading

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Call For Papers: The 7th Annual World Archaeological Congress

Details here (with thanks to David Eitam on FB). Are you an archaeologist with an interest in the media, or a film-maker with an interest in archaeology? If so, we encourage you to be involved in a landmark session on Archaeology in … Continue reading

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Another Noah’s Ark Book… Heaven Forfend…

These things keep spewing from the presses like diarrhea spews from an ailing baby.  It’s no longer just simple silliness or sad dilettantism, it has become a cottage industry driven by greedy people concerned only for public acclaim and personal … Continue reading

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The ‘Big Schools’ Are Finally Catching Up to What Some of Us Small Schools Have Been Doing for Over a Decade

Finally.  Interestingly, the silly little shortsighted people who were poo-pooing online education a decade ago are silent now.  Maybe they’ve finally grown up, and caught up too. Online education isn’t particularly new. It has been around in some form since … Continue reading

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