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(Preliminary) Conference Announcement: The Enoch Seminar’s 7th Annual Meeting

Topic: Enoch and the Synoptic Tradition Chair: Professor Loren Stuckenbruck Date: July 21-26, 2013 Location: Camaldoli, Italy If you recall, we sent along a survey a few months ago requesting information on who was planning to participate and attend the … Continue reading

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Adrian Schenker’s Intelligent and Important Treatment of Leviticus on the Issue of Homosexuality

Back on the 7th of this month a review appeared in RBL which essentially took Adrian Schenker to task for his work in a new volume titled The Bible on the Question of Homosexuality.  I decided I’d read it for myself since … Continue reading

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Oh Calvin, It’s Impossible Not to Love You

God’s word has sufficient power to destroy the rebellious.  — John Calvin

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It Happened In Texas, of Course, and Involves a Cat and A Gun

Investigators in Harris County, Texas, are trying to figure out what prompted a woman to shoot her husband in an argument over their cat. The woman, 42-year-old Audrey Deen Miller, is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Investigators … Continue reading

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There Is No Cure for Stupid

This story has been playing on the local news since last night and now the HuffPo has picked it up.  Probably because they think it’s cool.  I think it proves one fact we all should acknowledge: there is no cure … Continue reading

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Replacement Refs are to Football What Simcha’s Films are to Biblical / Archaeological Studies

Watching this botched call by these wretched refs reminded me how really awful the films shown on Discovery really are.  The real shame is that more people know a bad call in football but they are so unfamiliar with real … Continue reading

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More Perversion and Depravity from the Emergent Cult

A ‘church‘ wants to train ‘Jedis’ for Jesus… it seems… via Bryan Bibb on FB Psuedo-theology and cultural pandering by the emergent cult again.  Anything for a crowd, right heretics?

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Lecture Announcement: The Bible and the Arts

Likewise, from Viv, On Wednesday Oct 24th, Cheryl Exum will speak on ‘A Role for the Arts in Biblical Studies‘.   This lecture will be held at Sheffield University, as part of the ongoing series celebrating the anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Sad News: The Death of Robert Davidson

From Viv Rowett, the SOTS memsec- Sadly, news of the death of Robert Davidson at the weekend has been received. He was Professor of Old Testament at Glasgow University from 1972 to 1991 and Principal of Trinity College from 1982 … Continue reading

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Wisdom From Oecolampadius: When Pastors Don’t Get Along

In November of 1529 Oecolampadius wrote the Clergy of Muhlhausen, who weren’t getting along- “We exhort you, and in exhorting you exhort ourselves, to consider well in what a situation the Lord hath placed us; how many look up to … Continue reading

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This is Just How I’m Probably Going to Die: A Warning to All- Weddings Are Dangerous

I suppose, in some ways, it’s better than dropping dead at a funeral.  At least the ‘happy couple’ will never forget the day they tried to get married… A fairytale wedding in southern Bavaria at the weekend turned into a … Continue reading

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Take That Angry Atheists

In some places in this country freedom of religion still exists in spite of your efforts to make atheism the state religion. A display of the Ten Commandments and other documents made their debut Monday at the Cocke County Courthouse. … Continue reading

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On The Cusp of Yom Kippur…

I want to wish all our Jewish friends a peaceful, reflective, and soul-restoring Yom Kippur.

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