Thinking of Jesus as a Man Isn’t a Theological Problem For Billions of Christians…

It isn’t a problem at all. What IS a problem, however, is manufactured, late, spurious ‘evidence’ suggesting Jesus had a wife or children or all the other nonsense for which there is NOT ONE shred of reliable, contemporaneous material. My erstwhile friend Dr Tabor is simply wrong.

Again, Christians don’t find the humanity of Jesus problematic. He was a man and according to Hebrews subject to all the feelings and desires of a man. But he was, the author continues, without sin.

The Church has always confessed that Jesus was simultaneously ‘fully God and fully man’. If Dr. Tabor rejects one or the other of those claims that’s his business; but to suppose or suggest that billions of Christians are in the camp of those who reject the humanity of Jesus is historically inaccurate.

Again, then, and as forthrightly as I can say it, Christians don’t have a problem with Jesus’ humanity. Our problem is with the peddlers of unsupported unsubstantiated theories foisted upon Jesus for the sake of the almighty dollar or public acclaim or both. We Christians do theology because we love the subject, not because we want to make a Discovery Channel special about the latest strangest weirdest theory that comes down the conspiracy loon pipeline.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Jesus as a Man Isn’t a Theological Problem For Billions of Christians…

  1. miltonalmeida 24 Sep 2012 at 11:54 am

    Thank you!
    I said something similar yesterday to a group of guys. Christians don’t have a problem with Jesus being human or divine; people who want to join the over 2000 year old bandwagon of disputing the latter and using the former for such are the ones with the problem. You got the motivation right! I wonder how long is it going to take for an Emmy to be awarded for the producers “Best show attacking the N.T. authenticated history of Jesus Christ using an unprovenanced document?” Perhaps when one of the “culture channels” (Discovery, NetGeo, History, etc.) air their “special” on Jesus’ wife.


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