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Quote of the Day

Domine, si umquam habuero codices saeculares, si legero, te negavi. — St. Jerome (the only Church Father worth knowing or reading).

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Today’s ‘Fresh Air’ Will Force Even the Most Optimistic Soul to Despair for American ‘Democracy’

If you learn one thing from today’s Fresh Air it will be that America’s democratic process has been kidnapped, molested, raped, and murdered by our very own politicians.  And the body now lies moldering in some nasty backwater hinterland of a swamp. … Continue reading

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Gerd Thiessen’s Modern Rendering of the Heidelberg Catechism

Gibt es denn keine Übersetzung des Heidelbergers in unsere Sprache? – Diese Frage wird immer wieder in den Gemeinden laut. Und sie lässt sich schwerlich mit dem Hinweis auf die revidierte Fassung von 1997 beantworten. Ob Christus für alle meine … Continue reading

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How Good is the Hebrew of the Book of Ruth?

It’s a question addressed by Timothy Lim in a paper he’s uploaded for your reading pleasure at Academia.edu. In this paper, I will examine one feature of this theme of estrangement by discussing the quality of Ruth’s Hebrew. I will … Continue reading

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It’s Nice to See Some in the Academy Finally Catching Up

The topic: academic publishing.  The venue: The Chronicle of Higher Education. The title: Want to Change Academic Publishing? Just Say No. The gist: If academic work is to be commodified and turned into a source of profit for shareholders and … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s been on vacation (or as he calls it, on holiday) down in East Australia.  And even then, he can’t stay out of trouble: A man in Auckland, New Zealand had a rather embarrassing emergency last week when he had … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Three Contests and Three Chances to Win a Fantastic New Volume From T&T Clark

T&T Clark are sending a copy of each of the following volumes for me to give away to very lucky readers.  First, there’s Jesus, Criteria, and the Demise of Authenticity.  The internationally renowned authors of this book examine the nature … Continue reading

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Inventing Jesus’ Wife: Francis Watson

Professor Watson offers a piece with the general audience in mind in Bible and Interpretation.  It’s brilliant.  Seriously brilliant.  Inassailably brilliant. For Christian traditions that place a high value on celibacy, Jesus is the supreme celibate; and he retains this … Continue reading

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This is Why Real Football (Soccer) is Superior to its Less Enjoyable American Form

Thanks to Tom Bolin for pointing out this piece in the Wall Street Journal– from back in 2010- Football fans everywhere are preparing to settle in for the NFL’s biggest and most electric weekend of the season—a four-game playoff marathon … Continue reading

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Slamming Dilettantism

I applaud someone whom I scarcely appreciate, this time-

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Thinking of Jesus as a Man Isn’t a Theological Problem For Billions of Christians…

It isn’t a problem at all. What IS a problem, however, is manufactured, late, spurious ‘evidence’ suggesting Jesus had a wife or children or all the other nonsense for which there is NOT ONE shred of reliable, contemporaneous material. My … Continue reading

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A Lovely Song Composed for the Celebration of the Heidelberg Catechism

Via Barbara Schenck on the twitter.

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Why Man Isn’t Mere Animal

In revealing Himself to man God kindled aspirations in his heart which reach beyond the animal and beyond his sensuous nature. God precipitated a struggle in the inner life of man. His “soul strives to fashion itself upon the pattern … Continue reading

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Events Sponsored by Tyndale House, Cambridge

First, Tyndale House is holding an Open Day entitled A Window on Tyndale House, on Saturday 6 October 2012 between 2.00 and 5.00 p.m. There will be an interesting display of historical and rare Bibles including items on loan from … Continue reading

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