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Something To Think About

“Isn’t it funny how you never see them burning the American dollar, just the American flag.”  —  Via Michelle Woodward on the FB.

More Pastoral Misconduct: Carl Keyes Must Have Attended the Todd Bentley School of Pseudo-Theology

Before the Sept. 11 attacks, the Rev. Carl Keyes was a little-known pastor of a small New York City congregation searching for members and money.  When the twin towers fell, his fortunes changed.    Donors poured $2.5 million into the minister’s charity to help 9/11 victims. More opportunities to raise relief money would come later, with at least another $2.3 million collected for efforts along the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, in the poorest corners of West Virginia and Tennessee, and even in remote African villages.  Tens of millions more flowed through his fingers from the sale of church properties.  But Keyes, a one-time construction worker, did more than help the needy with the millions donated – he helped himself. According to financial records, internal correspondence and interviews with former employees conducted by The Associated Press, Keyes blurred the lines between his charities, his ministry and his personal finances while promoting himself as an international humanitarian.

Read the AP report to see how this scammer, this liar, this wolf in sheep’s clothing took joy in slaughtering the gullible flock.  Sickening.  Uneducated, thieving dilettante parading as a Pastor.  Disgusting.

Mark Driscoll: The Dreadful Perversity of America’s Heretic

This time he’s taken to discussing Esther and by doing so has shown, once again, his extraordinary distance from Christian faith and theology.

Recently, Mark Driscoll weighed in on the Esther situation. He is becoming painfully predictable. His name is increasingly synonymous with sex, in a negative fashion.  This time, couched in his promise of prayer and study, he has determined Esther to be a whore. Yep, that Esther, the one who was made a sex slave of a king and, in spite of her painful circumstance, risked her life to save her people.   Before I begin, I once again ask, “Where are Driscoll’s advisors hiding?”  This man has issues and it is readily apparent to a whole boat-load of observers. When he starts perverting Scripture to buttress his rather pathetic views on sex and women, it is time for the adults and medical professionals to weigh in. They must be too busy attending cage fights and drinking micro brews. 

It’s clear to see for anyone with even so much as half an eye that Mr Driscoll is a pervert in pervert’s clothing who sees every biblical woman in the light and through the lens of his perversion.  And probably every woman.

If you attend his church please, for the sake of your own soul’s health, get out.  If you listen to his sermons, stop.  If you read his rubbish, quit.  He is a cancer on the body of Christ and when he’s excised, those closest to him may well be as well.

[HT Michael Acidri on FB]

A Fascinating Look at the Manuscripts of St. Catherine’s

The Greek Orthodox monks of St Catherine’s monastery in Sinai have been accumulating manuscripts and books since the sixth century, making their library the world’s greatest repository of early medieval writing after the Vatican. The collection is even richer than it first appears, because many of the 3,300 ancient manuscripts contain hidden text and illustrations older than their visible contents – and a large scientific effort is under way to reveal and record them. The concealed texts are in palimpsests, manuscripts on which the original writing was erased so that scribes could reuse the precious parchment. Faint signs of the original text remain, as traces of pigment or indentation, which can be enhanced visually through modern techniques of spectral imaging at different wavelengths.

But here’s the most intriguing bit, a little further on in the essay-

Many of the erased texts are in Christian Palestinian Aramaic, a language used between the third and eighth centuries, which then died out. “These texts were erased because they were in a dead language for which the medieval scribes had no use,” Phelps says. “We can help to recover its voice.”

Read the entire report here– it’s fascinating! And two thumbs up to the Financial Times for publishing quality scholarship- something which can’t be sad, sadly, of the Smithsonian Magazine or the Discovery News.

Now Available: The Francis Watson ‘That ‘Jesus’ Wife’ Fragment Thing? Yeah, It’s A Load of Hooey’ Collection

My characterization, not Mark’s.  Prof. Francis Watson has now written 3 pieces on the fragment which Mark posts here:

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed – INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed

Addendum: The End of the Line?

More Facebook Targeted Ad Insanity

Facebook doesn’t know me at all.  All the talk these days of ‘invasion of privacy’ by Facebook is proven untenable and easily done so by a glance at their targeted ads.  Here’s the latest gang-

Dawkins?  He’s as important to me as a tick on a dog 23 miles away.  Beck?  The Same.  Obama?  The only reason I would vote for him would be to annoy Netanyahu.  And Dove soap?  No thanks, I’m a Suave user.

No, I will no longer worry that Facebook is stealing my information and selling it to shady characters.  They could never identify me if they had to.

Eastern Germany- Home of the Most Godless Folk on Earth

The Guardian reports

They are sending missionaries to eastern Germany. A recent study called Beliefs About God Across Time and Countries found that 52.1% of people asked whether they believed in God identified themselves as atheists. This compared with only 10.3% in western Germany. Indeed, the survey was unable to find a single person under the age of 28 in eastern Germany who believed in God. Obviously there are some – I think I may have even met some once – but the survey was unable to find them. On the face of it this is an extraordinary finding and it is something that needs some careful explanation.

And here’s the important part-

Secularisation processes are under way throughout the continent and the role of religion and the church in modernity are being questioned everywhere, from gay marriage to women priests to abortion and on to whether the EU should identify itself as a Christian entity. The question should perhaps be whether it is actually folk atheism that represents the future of Europe.

‘Folk atheism’.  That’s a new one.  Europe- atheism central.  I can see it.  Eastern Germany may well be the image of Europe 50 years from now.  Or less.