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There’s A Special, a Very Special Place in Hell for Steven Deuman

Here’s why

A Michigan man has been found guilty of killing his 15-week-old daughter while orally raping her, Michigan Live reports.  Steven Deuman, 26, was convicted on Wednesday of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault. He faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole, according to the Associated Press.  Deuman’s infant daughter, Evelynne Deuman, was found dead with a condom in her mouth on Aug. 12, 2011. The death occurred at Deuman’s home on Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indian Reservation in northern Michigan.  Deuman had called the child’s mother to say that he had left their daughter on the bed while stepped outside to smoke, but returned to find the girl on the floor, not breathing.

That is, I think, the vilest most monstrous thing I’ve ever heard of any father doing to his child.  There’s a special, a very special place in hell for Steven Deuman.  And he deserves it.  To call this human beast Satan is to insult Satan.

The Legacy of Israel in Judah’s Bible

A new book from Cambridge University Press

The Legacy of Israel in Judah’s Bible undertakes a comprehensive reevaluation of the Bible’s primary narrative in Genesis through Kings as it relates to history. It divides the core textual traditions along political lines that reveal deeply contrasting assumptions, an approach that places biblical controversies in dialogue with anthropologically informed archaeology. Starting from close study of selected biblical texts, the work moves toward historical issues that may be illuminated by both this material and a larger range of textual evidence. The result is a synthesis that breaks away from conventional lines of debate in matters relating to ancient Israel and the Bible, setting an agenda for future engagement of these fields with wider study of antiquity.


Part I. Israel and Judah:
1. Why Israel?
2. Israel without Judah

Part II. Israelite Content in the Bible:
3. Writing from Judah
4. An association of peoples in the land (the book of Judges)
5. The family of Jacob
6. Collective Israel and its kings
7. Moses and the conquest of eastern Israel
8. Joshua and Ai
9. Benjamin
10. Israelite writers on early Israel

Part III. Collaborative Politics:
11. Collaborative politics
12. Outside the Near East
13. The Amorite backdrop to ancient Israel
14. Israel’s Aramean contemporaries

Part IV. Israel in History:
15. The power of a name: ethnicity and political identity
16. Before Israel
17. Israel and Canaan in the 13th–10th centuries
18. Israel and its kings
19. Genuine (versus invented) tradition.

Amazon has it for exactly the same price as Cambridge.

Dozens of Muslims are Killed, By Muslims, On the ‘Day of Love’…

Ironic, isn’t it.

Pakistan’s “Day of Love for the Prophet” turned into a deadly day of gunfire, tear gas and arson.  Thousands angered by an anti-Muslim film ignored pleas for peaceful rallies and rampaged in several Pakistani cities Friday in battles with police that killed 19 people and touched off criticism of a government decision to declare a national holiday to proclaim devotion for the Prophet Muhammad. …  In addition to those killed, nearly 200 others were injured as mobs threw stones and set fire to cars and movie theaters, and battled with police who responded with tear gas and gunfire.

Ironic, isn’t it…

Craig Martin is on the Twitter

You can check out his twitter feed here.  If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the guy whose book on religion I reviewed last week.  He’s right sharp (for the most part).  I think he’ll be worth following.

Shocking News of Yet Another Discovery!!!!!!!

Christian world rocked by discovery of ANOTHER ancient text challenging Church’s teachings about Jesus. http://bit.ly/LjiGmW–  From Lutheran S. on the Twitter…

When I saw it I was floored….  But Simcha won’t be making a movie about this one.  Oh. No. He. Won’t.

The Feckless Bargain Hunters

there’s more accurate theology in this one strip than in all of Jacobovici’s films- combined

Another Pretty Good Week

From last Friday through yesterday-

come on Iran and China… you’re breaking my heart

Quote of the Day

Let’s get another filmmaker’s opinion on the “Jesus Wife” fragment. Maybe get the opinion of Sam Bacile AKA Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. At least he’s Coptic. His expert opinion matters about as much. – Bob Cargill

The Bible on TV: A Day Conference at King’s College, London

THE BIBLE ON TV – a Day Conference King’s College London, Tuesday 11th December 2012

This day conference will take place at King’s College London, hosted by the Department of Theology & Religious Studies in association with CTVC. Full details about the day and registration may be found at: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/depts/trs/eventrecords/bibleontv.aspx

Via the inestimably delightful Paul Joyce.

What Non-Academics Think About the Coptic Fragment Just Doesn’t Matter

So it just doesn’t matter what Simcha Jacobovici thinks about the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment.  It simply just doesn’t.  It matters what King thinks (and she has been very measured even though she hasn’t sufficiently addressed the provenance question) and what Francis Watson thinks really matters (because he’s proven the thing a fake).  But Simcha?  What can he bring to the table?  He’s not expert enough in the field of study to even know the right questions to ask much less possessing the requisite skills to evaluate the evidence.

No, it can’t matter at all what he thinks.  And it doesn’t.

Khirbet Qeiyafa: An Unsensational Archaeological and Historical Interpretation

Israel Finkelstein’s essay from Tel Aviv is available for one and all here.

The article deals with the finds at the late Iron I settlement of Khirbet Qeiyafa, a site overlooking the Valley of Elah in the Shephelah. It points out the methodological shortcomings in both field work and interpretation of the finds. It then turns to several issues related to the finds: the identity of the inhabitants, their territorial affiliation and the possibility of identifying Khirbet Qeiyafa with sites mentioned in the Bible and in the Shoshenq I list.


Francis Watson Says the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment is Fake

Mark Goodacre has it.

I would like to thank Francis Watson, Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University for the opportunity to publish the following short article:  The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed

Francis Watson- now that’s a man who can be trusted.  He’s a remarkable scholar and he knows the field just about as well as anyone.  And his argument is absolutely convincing.  Read it for yourself.

Paolo Merlo’s Book- La religione dell’antico Israele

Thanks to Paolo for mentioning that his book (published in 2009) is available for download in PDF, in its entirety, here.

The opening two paragraphs will whet your appetite-

La stesura di un libro sull’antica religione di Israele e Giuda si imbatteimmediatamente in alcune difficoltà riguardanti soprattutto la precisadefinizione dell’oggetto di studio e la valutazione delle fonti che si in-tendono impiegare durante l’elaborazione del volume.

Tali difficoltà derivano essenzialmente dalla secolare consuetudinedi voler far coincidere la religione di Israele con la religione biblica, at-tribuendo ai racconti biblici un preciso valore di testimonianza in me-rito al vissuto religioso degli antichi Ebrei. Oggigiorno però le cose so-no cambiate, sia perché molto diversa è divenuta la comprensione sto-rica dei racconti biblici, sia perché si è compreso che lo studio dell’an-tica religione di Israele e Giuda non può limitarsi alle credenze religio-se, ma deve necessariamente cercare di ricostruire il fenomeno storico-religioso di Israele e di Giuda in tutto il suo complesso vissuto religio-so. In questa prospettiva storico-religiosa, la Bibbia diviene solamenteuna delle fonti a nostra disposizione da porre necessariamente in dialo-go con molte altre.

Students of the Old Testament and ancient Israel will surely want to avail themselves of this resource.

Well That Explains Why FedEx is So Poor at Service!

From our local news FB page-

A Fed Ex driver is arrested and accused of dealing drugs while on his delivery route. This comes after an investigation and undercover operation in Jellico. Chris Cole Dabney of Clinton was arrested Friday. The sheriff says Dabney admitted to selling prescription pain pills two or three times a week while on the clock. Also during the arrest a half a bottle of Oxycodone was found in the Fed Ex van along with a prescription bottle with some morphine. Investigators say the pills came from a pain clinic in Tennessee.

Explains a lot really- like why FedEx routes things from Indianapolis to Atlanta to Nashville to Chattanooga to Memphis to Knoxville…