If I Were Forced Today at Gunpoint to Vote…

And there were ONLY two choices: I would vote for Sarah Palin before I would vote for Mitt Romney.  I would vote for George Bush before I would vote for Mitt.  I would vote for Silvio Berlusconi before I would vote for Mitt.  I would vote for Vladimir Putin before I would vote for Mitt.  And I’d get pretty close to voting for Bashar al Asaad before I’d vote for Mitt.

That is, if it were Mitt v. just about anyone (short of Satan) I would be forced to vote for anyone but Mitt.  Indeed, I would eve vote for Bibi Netanyahu before I would vote for Romney.  That should indicate – in some small measure – how inept I am convinced Romney is.  The Republicans have given us NO ONE to vote for on their side of the ledger. NO ONE.

We have no choice.  It’s either the failed policies of the present administration (and, please, let’s not kid ourselves, they are failed) or the miserable excuse the other party has offered. These are sad days for America.  Never before in my lifetime have the candidates from both parties been so uniformly abysmal.

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6 thoughts on “If I Were Forced Today at Gunpoint to Vote…

  1. Jason 18 Sep 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Indeed. So many of my friends are flabbergasted that I’m not on the Romney bandwagon. Ugh–politicians are as useful as an NA28 on Joel Osteen’s desk.


  2. wken 18 Sep 2012 at 1:39 pm

    The descent from mediocrity is remarkable, isn’t it?

    (And, yes, that sentence is exactly what I meant. It’s called wordcraft, people!)

    That there was no meaningful Democratic primary challenge really demonstrates that the party bosses are still in control, whether they admit to choosing nominees in the “smokey back rooms” or not. That the Republicans nominated Mitt Romney shows that a real primary might not have mattered.

    I kind of thought that Bush – Gore was the epitome of inane electoral choices. These two certainly give the 2000 field a run for their money.


  3. miltonalmeida 18 Sep 2012 at 2:45 pm

    LOL Brother Jim,
    I agree with you entirely and I ache just to hear the man speak almost just as much as when I hear Obama speak… almost. I am watching the news sparingly just to shield myself from hearing any of these two guys. I turn, rather, to truth TV and “drug” myself with shows like, “Dumbest criminals, Dumbest Brawlers, Dumbest car crashes”, etc. because I find these shows more enlightening than hearing Obama or Romney… I think they should train both of them in sign language and they should conduct the debate in sign language so they spare my hearing from their tone of voice!

    The way I came to grips with this election is that, exceptionally in this election I am not going to vote anyone “IN”; I am voting someone “OUT”. In other words, I am voting for the removal of the current occupant of the White House. If a traffic cone, one of those orange ones that we see by the road side, would be the candidate for the Republicans I would still vote for him just to remove Obama from office. So, my vote is “against” someone really, not “for” someone! That’s how I justify myself to my conscience. A cone will do less harm in four years than Obama; Romney may maintain all the harm Obama has caused so far, but, at least the current harm I already know, am familiar with and its harms I have learned to manage…


  4. Claude Vigneau 19 Sep 2012 at 11:17 am

    Seen from another planet – I am from Canada – Romney does indeed look like a terrorist’s dream entirely disconnected from those poor slobs who earn less than 250K and sure enough to bring havoc in USA. My wife and I travel to the US very frequently. It seems to us, Canadians, that people could be voting for Romney because he says that he opposes funding anything that resembles abortion clinics as did Palin and opposes fiercely gay marriage. That seems to make Romney look more Christian than Obama even if, as a Mormon, his view on monogamous marriage, baptism or heaven, might be theologically challenged. Romney’s views on the Christian duty to help the poor and the sick are just a bit surprising, to say the least. It seems to us that for many US citizens it is more Christian to deny gay people the same rights as non-gay people than to give poor people the same rights as rich people. For Canadians, the State should not impose anyone’s religious views on its citizens and that makes it easier for us to criticize Islamists’ imposition of the Sharia, the stoning of women or the so-called crimes of honour… Strangely enough, many US conservatives call us socialists, this being said with a McCarthyistic tone (no wonder those crazy Canucks travel to Cuba and smoke Cuban cigars)… I know you do have some of the very best hospitals and it is very easy to get the very best medical attention IF and only IF you’ve got money (as I personally did once after some food poisoning in San Francisco) or IF you are STILL covered by your insurance. There was no waiting for me, but then there was screening at the door checking out uninsured people or people without a valid sky-is-the-limit credit card: so few could afford it, it seems to me….as opposed to our crowded Canadian hospitals where EVERYBODY is seen by a doctor. By the way, YES, I paid entirely the bill… And, YES, if I were an American citizen I would vote for Obama and still feel I am a Christian deeply concerned about ALL of my fellow citizens, Rich or Poor…


  5. miltonalmeida 19 Sep 2012 at 12:32 pm

    I am so concerned about my fellow citizens, rich or poor that I want all of them to have a job, and have the dignity of earning their pay, and those who provide jobs be rewarded with a handsome portion of their hard work and not having such portion equated to evil and confiscated by the government (if it is evil, no wonder why the government want it so much; I am so concerned with my fellow citizens that I want them to choose who they “redistribute their wealth with” and not have their income confiscated to be used as “electoral currency”; I am so concerned about my fellow citizens that if a fellow citizen survives the violence of an abortion he has the right to be kept alive and not re-killed, or have even more violence applied to him by, for example, leaving him to starve; Yes, I am so concerned about my fellow citizens that I don’t want their money to be confiscated so the government provides contraceptives even if they are only 5,00 (American) at Walmart, to a great number of women who want to have inconsequential and irresponsible sex; Oh, I am so concerned about my fellow citizen that his Constitutional rights are not violated for convenience purposes as the Bankruptcy rights of the creditors of General Motors who were swindled in their rights to be the first to receive payments for GM’s debt, but were “passed over” by Obama’s executive order to “save the Union” (not GM); I am so concerned about my fellow citizen that if he votes for something and his vote is the winning one, government will not use the Courts to cancel the winning vote of my fellow citizen. I am very concerned about my fellow citizen thus the reason why I want to replace Obama in White House for traffic cone!

    When on “certain” disciple was so concerned about his “fellow citizens” that he said that an object spent to glorify Jesus was broken, he said: “… It could have been sold and the profit given to the poor…” Jesus did take the opportunity to say: …”Congratulations J, we should be concerned with the poor…” rather he said: “…The poor you shall always have with you…” As a matter of fact the eyewitness that reported the fact in which we call the Gospels said that Mr. J had ulterior motives… Even in Biblical history the “concern for the fellow citizen, the poor” has been linked with “ulterior motives” which is my euphemism to “corruption”. Not always, not in every case, but, not only possible, but in terms of politics, likely!



  6. Claude Vigneau 19 Sep 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Milt, don’t worry I won’t be voting in the US elections. Please do not see my comments as anything that could start a war. Just my two cents as a Christian concerned about what is happening in our planet. My own reading of the recent history sees the economic fiasco more a result of GWB’s responsability than Obama’s; but then I am not an economist nor am I a US citizen. As a world citizen I would have prefer to see Obama walk on waters without interference from the likes of Rush Limbaugh; however it did not happen. We were also affected in Canada but it could have been worse. As a Canadian citizen I would not even dream about imposing our Health Care system on you; even if I would have prefered to have it presented truthfully by its opponents on your side of the border (contrary to what is still being said, we would never change it, we do not have death panels nor are we ever capped… Indeed we are NEVER cut off from being admitted and taken care of in our hospitals, we all are fully insured forever and what we pay for it through our taxes is probably a lot cheaper than what you pay to your private insurance companies which are more interested in not covering you anyway, etc.). But maybe you should allow me to add just that little bit that even in Canada we are also very much concerned about our fellow citizens. We are also allowed to fully practice our religion. Christians and non-christians as well. We simply don’t want our governemnt to impose anyone’s religious beliefs on others even if, for instance, some might differ in some other countries. Islamists elsewhere might even think that it is their duty to kill even other fellow Muslims who might differ on some aspects of Islam. We simply ask visitors to our country not to bring arms and not to bring their religious quarrels in our sountry. So we are different but not that bad…Claude


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