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‘There’s Nothing Worse than Being Brought Up By Two Gay Dads’

Gay British actor Rupert Everett is raising eyebrows with recent comments he made about gay parenting.  The star of films like “Shakespeare In Love” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” told the Sunday Times Magazine that he “can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads… Some people might not agree with that. Fine! That’s just my opinion.”  Everett, who is currently playing Oscar Wilde in “The Judas Kiss” in London, revealed his unexpected viewpoint while discussing his current boyfriend meeting his mother, Sara.

Were he heterosexual and had in that state made such a statement he would have been excoriated and demonized by nearly everyone.

This isn’t the first time Everett, who has previously called gay parenting “egocentric and vain,” has caused controversy. In 2009, just days after Michael Jackson died, the actor called the musician “a freak” who “looked like a character from Shrek” and was a “black to white minstrel.”

Naturally the HuffPo can’t help sniping, following the story with a listing of ‘homophobic celebrities’.  Sure… Everett is homophobic…  Sure he is.

Bibi “The War Lover” Netanyahu Needs to Listen to Meir Dagan

Meir Dagan, a former head of the Israeli Intelligence service Mossad, says that an attack on Iran would be the ‘stupidest idea [I’ve] ever heard.”  Speaking to ’60 Minutes’ Dagan said: “An attack on Iran now before exploring all other approaches is not the right way how to do it [sic].”  Dagan, a man who Iranian authorities reportedly claim has dispatched assassins, computer viruses and faulty equipment in a bid to delay the country’s nuclear program, appears to have developed a surprising appreciation for the Islamic Republic’s regime – which is a sworn enemy of Israel.  “The regime in Iran is a very rational regime,” according to Dagan. Asked if he felt the regime in Iran was capable of backing down from an escalating crisis over the country’s nuclear program, he replied: “No doubt that the Iranian regime is not exactly rational based on what I would call ‘Western Thinking,’ but no doubt they are considering all the implications of their actions.”

Bib, if there’s an ounce of sense left to you, listen.

The Boy Scouts Are a Lot Like the Catholic Church: Talk Big When it Comes to Homosexuality, and Shield Pedophiles

When volunteers and employees were suspected of sexually abusing children, Boy Scout officials often didn’t tell police, files from 1970-91 reveal. In many cases they sought to hide the situation. Over two decades, the Boy Scouts of America failed to report hundreds of alleged child molesters to police and often hid the allegations from parents and the public. A Los Angeles Times review of 1,600 confidential files dating from 1970 to 1991 has found that Scouting officials frequently urged admitted offenders to quietly resign — and helped many cover their tracks. Volunteers and employees suspected of abuse were allowed to leave citing bogus reasons such as business demands, “chronic brain dysfunction” and duties at a Shakespeare festival.

May molesters rot in Satan’s hottest hole in hell.  There, they won’t have any protectors.  And they shouldn’t here.

Satan chewing child molesters

Those Who Can’t Teach, Write Policy for People Who Can

Because politics and politicians are doofy like that…

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Take That, PETA

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Quote of the Day

Love is a sweet thing, but it takes even the most bitter things cheerfully, for nothing is hard to him that loveth. Therefore, though it seems a great and difficult thing to do to your neighbor what you want done to you, it becomes pleasant and very easy if you love. But here the old man, the disease, the flesh, Adam, sin, rebels—for these are the names by which the teaching of the Apostles calls this vice of φιλαυτία, [self-love]. The flesh, or the old Adam, I say, rebels, scorning everything but itself; for it would rather that all things should serve its own lust to their own destruction than put any limit to its greed and its passion for glory and pleasure. — Huldrych Zwingli

‘Pro-Deutschland’ = Nazi Hatemongers

How lamentable.  One would think the Germans had learned their lesson concerning the fomenting of hatred of a particular group of people.

A far-right Islamophobic group in Germany has said it wants to screen the anti-Islamic film that has sparked deadly protests across the Muslim world.  The Pro Deutschland Citizens’ Movement has already posted the trailer for Innocence of Muslims, which insults the prophet Muhammad, on its website. Now it says it wants to stage a screening of the film in Berlin.  “For us, it’s a question of art and freedom of expression,” Manfred Rouhs, the group’s head, told Der Spiegel magazine.

What a lie.  It has nothing to do with art and everything to do with hatred and ignorance.

The authorities are determined to use whatever legal means at their disposal to prevent the move. “Such groups and organisations only want to provoke Germany’s Muslims,” the interior minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, told the magazine. He accused them of “recklessly pouring oil on the fire”.  Ruprecht Polenz, foreign policy expert for the ruling Christian Democrats, has said the authorities should examine whether the film can be banned under a law that forbids religious insults.  Speaking to Deutschland Radio on Saturday, Polenz said that Pro Deutschland’s action could endanger Germans abroad. “It is, therefore, absolutely irresponsible.”

Pro Deustchland- just a new name for the old Nazi ideology.

More ‘Why Are so Many Americans Messed Up?’ News

In today’s WTF, we have a Georgia family being sued by their homeowners association because a 4-year-old girl’s backyard playhouse is pink.  Because OHMYGAH what will happen to the property values if a little girl plays in her backyard?  Under the homeowner association’s rules, structures like sheds and garages are deemed “landscape improvements,” and both the structure itself, and the color, must be approved by the HOA. The HOA contends that homeowner Becky Rogers-Peck had permission to build the playhouse, but not to paint in pink.

Because the courts don’t have enough to do?

Former Congressional candidate Wright McLeod is the attorney representing the HOA in the case. Local reporter Lauren Walsh asked Mr. McLeod if he thought suing someone over a pink playhouse was, well, dumb.  “I regret that it had to come to it. But to answer your question, I don’t think it’s dumb. I think it’s regrettable that the homeowner would not comply with the rules.”  Presumably Mr. McLeod is getting paid for his time, so I would guess it wouldn’t be productive for him to say that the lawsuit is dumb. And some residents are outraged that the a lawsuit will cost their HOA money, reported WAGT.

Lawyers…  anything for a buck.  Why are so many Americans messed up?

There Are People of Good Will

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Hebrew Webinar

Join a webinar on the Hebrew Bible as a language tutor!

The webinar will present a new free and open tool for persuasive Hebrew language learning. We are still prototyping the new tool and testing it in teaching, but it will be ready for dissemination for classes in the Autumn of 2013. We will share results from the classroom on how the Hebrew Bible can tutor your students and how you can facilitate their learning.

Time:The poll favors TUESDAY September 18 at 5-6 p.m. CET!

Organizers: Presenter: The presentation in the webinar will be given by Associate Professor Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, Aalborg University & Fjellhaug International University College Denmark who is the workpackage leader and learning designer for PLOTLearner. Co-participant: The programmer of PLOTLearner, IT Consultant Claus Tøndering, will answer technical questions. How to participate: If you register on Doodle, you will get information on how to participate.

We hope you will help us improve the learner experience by sharing your own ideas on language learning, online teaching and digital exams in our webinar. Also, as we produce open educational resources for lifelong learning in the European Union, we are very interested in input on how our learning technology might be adapted by Hebrew teachers and learners in Europe. At the same time, however, the technology is tested and adapted to theological education in Madagascar, so another important issue is how our technology can be best distributed to the Majority World where free and open, high-quality resources should be in high demand.

Please help us spread this information to Hebrew teachers and humanities scholars working with e-Learning and learning design as well as computational and applied linguistics!

See the webinar flier here for more information and how to take part.

For further information contact Nicolai Winther-Nielsen – nwn@dbi.edu.

Sometimes It’s Dangerous to be Different

Dare to be different anyway…

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