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‘There’s Nothing Worse than Being Brought Up By Two Gay Dads’

Gay British actor Rupert Everett is raising eyebrows with recent comments he made about gay parenting.  The star of films like “Shakespeare In Love” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” told the Sunday Times Magazine that he “can’t think of anything worse than … Continue reading

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Bibi “The War Lover” Netanyahu Needs to Listen to Meir Dagan

Meir Dagan, a former head of the Israeli Intelligence service Mossad, says that an attack on Iran would be the ‘stupidest idea [I’ve] ever heard.”  Speaking to ’60 Minutes’ Dagan said: “An attack on Iran now before exploring all other approaches … Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts Are a Lot Like the Catholic Church: Talk Big When it Comes to Homosexuality, and Shield Pedophiles

When volunteers and employees were suspected of sexually abusing children, Boy Scout officials often didn’t tell police, files from 1970-91 reveal. In many cases they sought to hide the situation. Over two decades, the Boy Scouts of America failed to … Continue reading

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Those Who Can’t Teach, Write Policy for People Who Can

Because politics and politicians are doofy like that… via Francis Deblauwe on FB

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Take That, PETA

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Quote of the Day

Love is a sweet thing, but it takes even the most bitter things cheerfully, for nothing is hard to him that loveth. Therefore, though it seems a great and difficult thing to do to your neighbor what you want done … Continue reading

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‘Pro-Deutschland’ = Nazi Hatemongers

How lamentable.  One would think the Germans had learned their lesson concerning the fomenting of hatred of a particular group of people. A far-right Islamophobic group in Germany has said it wants to screen the anti-Islamic film that has sparked deadly protests … Continue reading

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More ‘Why Are so Many Americans Messed Up?’ News

In today’s WTF, we have a Georgia family being sued by their homeowners association because a 4-year-old girl’s backyard playhouse is pink.  Because OHMYGAH what will happen to the property values if a little girl plays in her backyard?  Under … Continue reading

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There Are People of Good Will

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Hebrew Webinar

Join a webinar on the Hebrew Bible as a language tutor! The webinar will present a new free and open tool for persuasive Hebrew language learning. We are still prototyping the new tool and testing it in teaching, but it … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Dangerous to be Different

Dare to be different anyway…

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