Zwingli, On Martin Luther

If Luther has drunk where we have drunk, then he has in common with us the evangelical doctrine. … The force of the Gospel doctrine groweth more and more. Thus we show your Wisdoms that we have nothing in common either with Luther or with anything else that could harm Christian doctrine, even nothing at all in common.

As far as we are able, we drink the Gospel doctrine out of the true fountains, without which no one can be blessed, in order that among the people of the pious Confederation we may with all decency and fidelity speak for the same to hungry souls, that their despairing consciences may be set at rest and made steadfast. — Huldrych Zwingli

His meaning is clear: Luther imbibes a different spirit than the Swiss and it isn’t the spirit of the Gospel.  The Reformer and those who have accepted the truth have no part in Luther, and Luther has no part in them.

2 responses to “Zwingli, On Martin Luther

  1. Zwingli is also clear: his movement is not infallible in representing God either. But procedes “as far as we are able.”