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My Oh My, Drug Abusers Really Are Mad

A Northern California mixed-martial artist accused of ripping out his friend’s heart and removing his tongue while the two were on hallucinogenic drugs has pleaded guilty to murder and mayhem charges. Jarrod Wyatt of Crescent City agreed to a plea deal in which he will serve 50 years to life in prison, Del Norte County prosecutors said. His official sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 4. Wyatt pleaded guilty to first-degree murder involving mayhem in the March 21, 2010, death of his sparring partner, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, prosecutors said. “The earliest he’ll be able to see a parole board is 2062,” District Attorney Jon Alexander said. “We saved Taylor’s family the agony from reliving the incident at the trial.” Wyatt’s attorney, James Fallman, said his 29-year-old client didn’t want to testify at trial and he didn’t want his family to testify.

That’s why they call it dope. Those who use illegal drugs and who abuse legal ones are just dopes. In the absolute sense.

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Quote of the Day

Were I to dwell at large on every subject, my work would be endless.  — John Calvin

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The Difference Between True Christian Faith and False; And Real Prophets and Fakes

True religion, or piety, is that which clings to the one and only God. Those, therefore, who are pious listen to their one Lord, who so tears them away from the flesh and unites them to Himself that they desire to hear His voice only.*

And false faith, conversely, adds to what God has said- supplementing Scripture with modern ‘prophetic’ utterances made in the name of God, as though Scripture in its fullness were insufficient for Christian life. Hence,

… it is sacrilegious to add anything to the words of God or to take anything away. Thus again it will be manifest that only that is uncontaminated piety which rests upon the words of God solely and alone. In Matt. 15:9 Christ quotes the testimony of Isaiah 29:13, as He is in the habit of drawing His fulminations against the Jews from the Old Testament, though rarely naming the passage: “In vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.” If, then, that worship, that piety or religion, is vain which proceeds from human invention or law, solid and true surely is that religion, on the other hand, which is guided by the word of God alone, and looks to and hears this only.**


In John 8:47 Christ says: “He that is of God heareth the words of God: for this cause ye hear them not, because ye are not of God.” It follows, then, that they that are born of God hear His word; and, conversely, they that hear not are not born of God.***

This is precisely why all so called modern ‘prophets’ can justifiably be classified as heretics, false teachers, and abhorrent deceivers: they lead their poor benighted and ignorant hearers away from Scripture and to some self invented self perpetrated wholly and utterly human word of godlessness: asking said hearers to trust in them and thus to trust in a lie.

This is why people like Harold Camping and Pat Robertson and Jim Garlow and the rest of that lot are so pernicious. They exalt their imaginary ‘word’ to the Word of God and even attempt to supplant Scripture in the furtherance of their own agenda (usually political).


* – Huldrych Zwingli- On True and False Religion.
** – Ibid.
*** – Ibid.

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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

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Wells Fargo is Evil

It was just a small desert home near Twentynine Palms, California, but it was all paid for, and Alvin and Pat Tjosaas intended on spending their retirement there. Too bad Wells Fargo decided to foreclose on it anyway. The bank sent subcontractors to the wrong address, and despite a different name appearing on the foreclosure notice, the subcontractors took anything valuable—including a garage full of heirlooms and Tjosaas’ mason tools—then smashed the windows, tore down walls, and left the home in ruins, reports KABC.

Alvin Tjosaas, a retired mason, helped his father build the house in 1961, when he was just 14 years old. “I know every inch, every rock,” he said. “My mom mixed all the cement by hand.” Wells Fargo apologized and offered the couple $260,000 in compensation—but only after TV news outlets started asking questions. “When you put your heart into something…it makes me real sad. I’m just glad I have my sweetheart. We’ve been together a long time,” Tjosaas told CBSLA.

Some ‘errors’ can’t be made right.  Wells Fargo, so driven by greed, is simply evil and cares only for the dollar.  Corporations are people (because they’re made up of people) and so just like people, they are totally depraved.  The worst aspect of the story, indeed, is the clearest manifestation of that depravity.  Had they really been concerned for the family, they would have tried to make things right BEFORE the story hit the news.

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Big News! I’m Nearly at 2,000,000 Twitter Followers….

… in the same way that the Talpiot Tomb discovery is near to something meaningful.

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This Is Why Instructions Have to be Specific…

Because some people are utterly bereft of sense.

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True Words From a Catholic Nun

I simply could not agree more.    It’s time for all those ‘pro-lifers’ out there to put their money where their mouths are.


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Pastor Nadarkhani Has Been Released!

Yousef Nadarkhani, the Church of Iran pastor  sentenced to death for apostasy, has been released and is at home with his family.

According to reliable sources, during court proceedings that took place today, Pastor Nadarkhani was acquitted of apostasy,  but found guilty of evangelizing Muslims. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment for the latter charge, but released because he had already served this time.

Pastor Nadarkhani was arrested in his home city of Rasht in 2009 soon after questioning the Muslim monopoly of religious instruction for children, which he felt was unconstitutional. He was sentenced to death for apostasy in 2010, a decision that was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2011.  Although the  Iranian penal code did not specify death for apostasy, a constitutional loophole allowed judges to refer to Shari’a law and authoritative fatwas to justify such a sentence. Today the pastor had been expected to face new charges for unspecified crimes, but was instead released.

CSW’s Chief Executive, Mervyn Thomas said, “CSW is delighted to learn of Pastor Nadarkhani’s release after a long incarceration. We commend the Iranian judiciary for this step, which is a triumph for justice and the rule of law. While we rejoice at this wonderful news, we do not forget hundreds of others who are harassed or unjustly detained on account of their faith, and CSW is committed to continue campaigning until all of Iran’s religious minorities are able to enjoy religious freedom as guaranteed under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is party.”

Thank God.

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There’s Fishiness in that There Pot…

Many months ago word broke of the discovery of an amphora claimed by its discoverers to be far more than it could have been.   Today, Antonio points out that the claim has finally appeared right where it belongs: Italy’s version of the National Enquirer.  Antonio’s post is tremendous, demonstrating, once more, his mythbusting skills.

Antonio writes

In Italy the Amphora Tomb discovery has been reported by a popular magazine named “Fenix” which deals with topics such as aliens are kept prisoners in Area 51, the pyramids were made by an extraterrestrial civilization, the crop circles are the evidence of the existence of Atlantis, Bigfoot in Tibet, speaking with ghosts, the Turin Shroud is the real thing and stuff like that. As I remarked, that is the right place where the Amphora Tomb interpretation could be reported. I’m still waiting for a peer-reviewed paper on that.

No need to wait, Antonio. It will never come. It can’t. The whole claim is now, as it was back when it first was made, nonsensical rubbish.

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