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Loving Scripture

This is a fine story- and one to think about the next time you glance at your own unread and un-consulted copy of Scripture- The launch in Embu Town, Kenya on June 16th of the Kiembu-Kimbeere Bible, a brand new … Continue reading

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The Spineless Democrats and the Jewish Lobby’s Lordship of American Politics

Bullied by the Christian Zionists and the Jewish lobby, the Democrats have knuckled under and reinserted reference to Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel (even though it isn’t, and until the Palestinian question is settled, it won’t be). We expected … Continue reading

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The Photoshop Stylings of Chris ‘The Heretic’ Tilling

I feel like I’m dancing with myself…

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Sad News: The Death of Walter Harrelson

Via Jack Sasson Walter Harrelson was born 28 Nov 1919 in Winnabow, North Carolina, studied at the University of North Carolina (AB, 1947) and earned his ThD from Union Theological Seminary (1953). After a stint as Dean at Chicago’s Divinity … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Shooting in America

Our local tv news station reports The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office says an 11-year-old boy accidentally shot his mother, Stacy Wicks Duggan, in the back of the head. The parents had left the gun, loaded, under the slat of a … Continue reading

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The Impossibility of Evolution

I post this just for the joyful benefit of the folk who love this sort of thing.  Enjoy!   (I know that I’ll enjoy just knowing that some folk will have near seizures from it).  Schadenfreude!  (Everything sounds better in … Continue reading

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Jodi’s Terrific Piece at the ASOR Blog on Qumran, and Her New Book

You can read her ASOR post here. Speaking of Jodi, her new book by Cambridge University Press titled The Archaeology of the Holy Land: From the Destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the Muslim Conquest has just shipped. So, yeah!  I’ve been … Continue reading

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Any Friend of Gerhard von Rad…

Is a friend of mine.  And it seems that one Benjamin Smith is an admirer of von Rad’s work, so I’m adding him to the blogroll (in spite of the fact that he links to wikipedia’s von Rad page). Perhaps … Continue reading

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Anthony Le Donne is Blogging

At a new blog called – unsurprisingly – The Jesus Blog.  It’s focus is, again unsurprisingly, the Historical Jesus.  Give it a look.

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Sodom and Gomorrah Were Not a Husband and Wife…

And Golgotha isn’t a type of pasta…   Or, good heavens, just how ignorant are people about the Bible?  A fine essay in Zeit Online discusses the ‘Analphabetismus‘ of western culture (I love that word Analphabetismus) concerning Scripture. Indeed, its … Continue reading

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Christianity Without Christ Isn’t Christianity at All

At “Miracle-Seed Sunday” in Singapore’s New Creation Church last month, the pastor’s sermon was preceded by PowerPoint and video presentations, and donations were overseen by auditors. [ Singaporeans] are flocking to a new species of churches making appeals more in … Continue reading

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Job Opening: Old Testament

From Viv Rowett, the exceptionally gifted SOTS MEMSEC- Old Testament Studies Position Announcement Regent University’s School of Divinity invites applications and nominations for a tenure-track faculty appointment at the rank of assistant or associate professor. The appointment involves responsibility for … Continue reading

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Isaac Watts’ Lovely Rendering of Psalm 1

Psalm 1 Blest is the man who shuns the place Where sinners love to meet; Who fears to tread their wicked ways, And hates the scoffer’s seat: But in the statutes of the Lord Has placed his chief delight; By … Continue reading

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On 5 September, 1571

Heinrich Bullinger published a little booklet, containing a speech he had given before the City Council on 5 September, in late 1571.   In it he described the ‘repulsiveness’ (Widerwärtigkeit) of the times and the distance from God so many … Continue reading

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