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If Sheldon Adelson Wants War with Iran, Let Him Go Fight in It

And if Romney wants Israel to attack Iran, let him, and his 5 sons, hop on the first plane to Tel Aviv and jump in an APC and drive across the desert and attack Iran themselves.  They can be the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

It would stand very evil with me, that I, as a careless shepherd and one only for the sake of selfish gain, should treat the sheep entrusted to my care, so that I did not strengthen the weak and protect … Continue reading

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Tom Verenna: Puppy Hunter

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Cult Founder and False Teacher Sun Myung Moon is Dead

From the AP on twitter- Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah who founded Unification Church, dies at age 92. Which raises the interesting question- is it proper to lament or mourn when a deceiver dies?  When a reprehensible messianic pretender perishes, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A 'Goula Blogger:
My home and neighborhood got off relatively unscathed from Hurricane Isaac, but there were others not so blessed. Baptist relief workers are set up in our church providing food for a number of local folk…

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All Who Wander Are Lost…

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True ‘conservative’: Talk one way, live another

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Paul Ryan: Serial Fibber

He lied during his RNC speech (and everyone, even Fox, knows it).  And he lied again the other day about a marathon he ‘ran’. Both campaigns might be thumbing their noses at political fact-checkers, but Paul Ryan now knows he better … Continue reading

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Lexicity: Greek Language Resources on the Net

This is a useful site– with thanks to Jim Aitken for mentioning it. Ancient Greek, in all its dialects, is well-known both for having an extremely wide variety of texts and for being very difficult to learn. If it is … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday!

What will you do to ignore God today?

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