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If Sheldon Adelson Wants War with Iran, Let Him Go Fight in It

And if Romney wants Israel to attack Iran, let him, and his 5 sons, hop on the first plane to Tel Aviv and jump in an APC and drive across the desert and attack Iran themselves.  They can be the ‘tip of the sword’.

These maniacal war lovers are always happy to send someone else to die in a foolish and pointless war, so they should shut up and man up and go.  Let them die for their precious cause if it means all that to them.

Those of us who aren’t insane will denounce the bloodlust, and those bent by hell itself to destruction, death, and murder.

Quote of the Day

It would stand very evil with me, that I, as a careless shepherd and one only for the sake of selfish gain, should treat the sheep entrusted to my care, so that I did not strengthen the weak and protect the strong.  — Huldrych Zwingli

Tom Verenna: Puppy Hunter

Tom hunting puppies…. see, with a bow and arrows! Appalling!!!!!

Cult Founder and False Teacher Sun Myung Moon is Dead

From the AP on twitter-

Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah who founded Unification Church, dies at age 92.

Which raises the interesting question- is it proper to lament or mourn when a deceiver dies?  When a reprehensible messianic pretender perishes, should we pretend sorrow?  To be sure, rejoicing in the death of another is nothing Christians can do.  But should we lament?

An important reminder…

A 'Goula Blogger

My home and neighborhood got off relatively unscathed from Hurricane Isaac, but there were others not so blessed. Baptist relief workers are set up in our church providing food for a number of local folk who were flooded. And my sunday school teacher/deacon was flooded in until recently at his home. There are convoys of Red Cross vehicles about the roads as well.  And we were at the far eastern edge of Isaac.

A reminder to count your blessings and remember those less fortunate….

A small picture from my pastor, Jay Cook, of the relief effort behind our church:

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All Who Wander Are Lost…

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True ‘conservative’: Talk one way, live another

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Paul Ryan: Serial Fibber

He lied during his RNC speech (and everyone, even Fox, knows it).  And he lied again the other day about a marathon he ‘ran’.

Both campaigns might be thumbing their noses at political fact-checkers, but Paul Ryan now knows he better stick to the facts when it comes to athletic feats. After he told a radio show last week that he once ran a marathon in under 3 hours—a very good time—Runner’s World decided to check it out. A little sleuthing determined that Ryan has run one marathon in his life, during his college days, but his time was … 4 hours, 1 minute, and 25 seconds.

The guy has a real problem… telling the truth.  He’s fast alright.  Fast at deception and falsehood.  So say what you will about this assessment- but he’s not very Christian.  In fact, see Revelation 21:8 for a forthright assessment of fibbers.

Lexicity: Greek Language Resources on the Net

This is a useful site– with thanks to Jim Aitken for mentioning it.

Ancient Greek, in all its dialects, is well-known both for having an extremely wide variety of texts and for being very difficult to learn. If it is one’s first ancient language, it is likely that it will be very challenging, but the study of Greek is also very rewarding and ought to be very fun.  Since it is such a popular and important language, there is an absolute abundance of online resources available, and some of the best are free and open to anyone.

It includes biblical and non biblical Greek texts.

It’s Sunday!

What will you do to ignore God today?