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Emil Brunner: An Observation

There is no modern theologian I enjoy reading more, learn more from, and am more appreciative of, than Emil Brunner.

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FC Zurich!


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I’m Glad To Say, I’ve Entered Strophe 3

So I’m glad that I can now sing with Huldrych 3. In der besserung Gsund, herr gott, gsund! Ich mein, ich ker schon widrumb her. Ja, wenn dich dunckt, der sünden funck werd nit mer bherrschen mich uff erd, so … Continue reading

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Mine is So Short

My CV, that is, in comparison to Israel Finkelstein’s newly updated and uploaded one… Only one word suffices: astonishing. That’s accomplishment.

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The Joel Green Interview

Logos has an interview up today with Joel Green, general editor of the New International Commentary on the New Testament series.  I like this question a lot- If you had to choose one NICNT volume as your favorite, or one … Continue reading

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Sad News: Carlo Martini Has Died

Joe Zias writes One of the greatest intellectuals of the Roman Catholic Church, Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, a Jesuit, known for his liberal views in a very conservative society passed away this morning. He was often quoted by scholars … Continue reading

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In Less Than 12 Hours…

The Carnival comes to town.  In the waning hours beforehand if there has been something you thought Carnival-worthy (and that doesn’t include book reviews re-hashing tired old questions long ago settled or cat videos or Sci-Fi posts or the intersection … Continue reading

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The Digital Mishnah Demo

Jim Aitken has pointed out (on FB) the appearance, at long last, of the demo page for the Digital Mishnah.  Worth checking out! The demo for the Digital Mishnah project is now live (for the old “Examples of Work” page … Continue reading

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Christopher Rollston on the ‘Biblical View of Women’

Chris has a new essay in the HuffPo.  Among other truths he notes From Mesopotamia to Egypt, women in the ancient world were considered property — valuable property, but property nonetheless. And it’s true of the Bible’s view as well. … Continue reading

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Well Here We Go- Another Day, Another Shooting…

What.  A. Surprise. A 23-year-old gunman killed two co-workers Friday at a Pathmark supermarket in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and then shot himself to death, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan said.  The shooter wielded an AK-47 assault rifle and … Continue reading

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First and Second Peter

This arrived for review (via NetGalley) some weeks back courtesy the good folk at Baker Academic- In this addition to the well-received Paideia series, New Testament scholars Duane Watson and Terrance Callan examine cultural context and theological meaning in First … Continue reading

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The Question Isn’t Whether or Not You Believe In God…

The question – in life and in death – is whether God believes in you-

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On Those Who Wish To Appear To Know More Than They Really Do: Interlinears

At the Baden disputation Johannes Eck used the Complutensian Polyglot and pretended to read the Hebrew text while he was actually reading the Latin.   Zwingli justly derides this as pretense, Eck doing nothing more than using an interlinear!  As … Continue reading

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