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The World’s Laziest Student

On the Facebook some friends are discussing stories about students and their antics.  The winner – so far as I’m concerned – is this one- The first day of class I have a student tell me she can’t do my … Continue reading

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This Wretched Plague..

I’m in phase two… I.—At the Beginning of the Illness Help, Lord God, help In this trouble! I think Death is at the door. Stand before me, Christ; For Thou hast overcome him! To Thee I cry: If it is … Continue reading

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Giorgio’s Gift

Via Giorgio Girardet on the FB. Thanks!

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On Those Who Are Lackluster in Their Deeds

Martin Luther wrote, in connection with Rom 12:11’s τῷ πνεύματι ζέοντες- Be fervent in spirit. Those who snore and yawn and are lukewarm in all their efforts are the people who break this command, and they achieve nothing by their … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Logos 3.0 for iOS appeared in the AppStore today, and it is a significant upgrade.  If you already have the App, get the upgrade as soon as possible.  If you have not yet downloaded the…

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Philip Enters the Phray

(Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist). In a new essay Philip Davies writes I cannot resist making a contribution to the recent spate of exchanges between scholars about the existence of Jesus—these mostly on the internet and blogosphere, and so … Continue reading

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Thank You, Joel

Joel Watts did a nice thing and sent me a gift card for the big 52nd birthday.  I don’t want to say that I deserve it, but having lived 52 years without being killed given my general disposition and my … Continue reading

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The Racists of the West Bank

Ha’aretz reports Graffiti found on the scene read ‘death to the enemy, vengeance against Arabs,’ as well as ‘price tag Migron,’ referring to a West Bank Jewish settlement which is set to be evacuated in the coming days. Naturally… Anonymous … Continue reading

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They’re Weird in Chattanooga… The Baseball Buttboard

At their baseball field they have billboards.  That’s not what makes them weird.  What makes them weird is that one of the adverts features a guy’s butt.  And on his butt, a tattoo of some fried chicken.  Apparently (according to … Continue reading

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The First Edition of ‘Zwingli’s Collected Works’

The first edition of Zwingli’s ‘Collected Works’ consisted of 5 volumes and was edited by Rudolf Gwalther, Leo Jud, and Kaspar Megander and appeared in 1544-1545.  It contains some materials which aren’t found elsewhere and all are in Latin.  It … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: On the Canon of the Mass

29 August 1523 was the publication date of Huldrych Zwingli’s De canone missae epichiresis.    Once the Zurich Disputation concluded questions arose as to the best way to implement the reform of the Mass.  Zwingli answered specific questions addressed to him … Continue reading

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The New Issue of Relegere

From the editorial:   ‘James G. Crossley’s essay in this issue, “An Immodest Proposal for Biblical Studies” engages with the opinion expressed by Larry Hurtado in his inaugural address to the University of Edinburgh in 1997, and more recently on … Continue reading

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