The Rabbi Who Makes Pat Robertson Look Perfectly Sensible

Yes-sir, it’s a fact. This chap is totally unhinged.

Rabbi Ovaid Yosef

During his weekly sermon, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says Jews should pray for destruction of the enemies of Israel, with an emphasis on Iran and Hezbollah. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who was updated last week on the Iranian nuclear project, called on Jews to pray for the destruction of Iran, this past Saturday. During his weekly sermon, the ultra-Orthodox leader of the Shas party stated that his followers should pray for the annihilation of the enemies of the Jewish people during Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), with an emphasis on Iran and Hezbollah. “When we say ‘may our enemies be struck down’ on Rosh Hashana, it shall be directed at Iran, the evil ones who threaten Israel. God shall strike them down and kill them,” said Yosef.”

Not only does he make Robertson look sensible, he makes Judaism look just like the Taliban and al Qaeda.  Sadly the Ha’aretz report didn’t find anyone in the entire country to denounce such lunacy.

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