Phyllis Diller is Dead

So what.

And yet the world will pine and sob and moan and lament and hundreds of thousands will wet themselves like overexcited puppies over the news.  If she had been a theologian or a biblical scholar, a teacher or a scientist, a common person or a non-celebrity very few people would know.  Or care.

Our bankrupt culture cares more for clowns and jocks, entertainers and tv personalities than anything or anyone.  And it’s sickening.

Indeed, already more people know about Diller’s death than the passing of Marvin Meyer….  Welcome to our (ridiculous) world.


One thought on “Phyllis Diller is Dead

  1. wken 20 Aug 2012 at 11:49 pm

    A friend of mine remarked how sad this news was, and I told him that I don’t see it.

    Prior to today, I can’t remember the last time I thought about Phyllis Diller. If you’d asked me whether she was dead or alive yesterday, I wouldn’t have been sure.

    I guess I’m not willing to get worked up over the passing of a woman who made lots of money by telling jokes.

    I do agree that it says something about our sick society that the class clown is the most important person in our hierarchy.


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