Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It, ACLU

The Appeals Court in Florida

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments (Photo credit: Russell Heistuman)

… ruled in favor of a Florida county courthouse’s Ten Commandments display, sending the case back down to a lower court that had ruled against the display last year. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the suit by the American Civil Liberties Union against Dixie County over its five-foot tall Decalogue display lacked legal standing.

What gave the ACLU the impression it had a right to file suit?

The ACLU had sued on behalf of an individual named in court documents as “John Doe,” who lived in North Carolina and had claimed that the presence of the Ten Commandments had inhibited him from purchasing land in Dixie County.

That’s right, the Tarheel sued because he wanted to buy property but the mere presence of the Ten Commandments must have burned his skin and eyes and driven him insane…

What prattishness.  What a country of whiny crybabies we’ve managed to produce.  I think I’ll go to North Carolina and sue some random town because they have a sign that offends my genteel sensibilities.

Angry atheists can only be described, as they are by the Psalmist, as fools.  And they manage to prove the Psalmist right at every turn.

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