Canada’s Own Little Racist Secret

Intolerance isn’t just a radical Muslim, or Radical Jew, or Radical Far Right thing; more and more it’s becoming a Quebec thing.

Attention public servants: turbans, kippahs and hijabs will not be allowed in the workplace under a Parti Québecois government, but by all means, sport that crucifix, as long as it’s not too ostentatious.  The party hoping to form the next government Sept. 4 tried to expand on its contradictory plan to protect Quebec values during a campaign stop Tuesday in Trois Rivières.

“We don’t have to apologize for who we are,” said PQ leader Pauline Marois, while saying the so-called charter of secularism would be adopted as soon as they come to power. “We are one of the most tolerant and open people on the planet, but we want our values, such as equality between the sexes, respected by everyone.”

At first, the charter appeared to ban just the hijab. “Pretty scarves that women sometimes wear in their hair” would be acceptable, said PQ official Eric Gamache. But after being pushed on what exactly would be allowed, Gamache admitted the list wasn’t quite drawn up yet, but a turban would not make the grade, while a kippah probably would, since it’s not that “ostentatious.”

A short time later, he advised that, in fact, even the kippah, the skull cap worn by Jewish men also known as a yarmulke, would be forbidden.

But not the Crucifix…

“The crucifix could be allowed, as long as it was discreet,” he said, without defining discreet. “But if it’s too big….”

Naturally many in Quebec think such a thing could never happen.  But those folk need to ask themselves, why not?  It’s happening all around the world.  What makes Quebec immune from the rising tide of hatred?

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