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Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It, ACLU

The Appeals Court in Florida

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments (Photo credit: Russell Heistuman)

… ruled in favor of a Florida county courthouse’s Ten Commandments display, sending the case back down to a lower court that had ruled against the display last year. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the suit by the American Civil Liberties Union against Dixie County over its five-foot tall Decalogue display lacked legal standing.

What gave the ACLU the impression it had a right to file suit?

The ACLU had sued on behalf of an individual named in court documents as “John Doe,” who lived in North Carolina and had claimed that the presence of the Ten Commandments had inhibited him from purchasing land in Dixie County.

That’s right, the Tarheel sued because he wanted to buy property but the mere presence of the Ten Commandments must have burned his skin and eyes and driven him insane…

What prattishness.  What a country of whiny crybabies we’ve managed to produce.  I think I’ll go to North Carolina and sue some random town because they have a sign that offends my genteel sensibilities.

Angry atheists can only be described, as they are by the Psalmist, as fools.  And they manage to prove the Psalmist right at every turn.

The Huffington Post: Making Islam Chic and Itself Seem Cool…

Ah, the HuffPo- sinking to yet another new low by trying to use Islamic holidays to show how cool it is, and how chic Islam is (something they would never consider doing for Judaism or Christianity).

Aww… There’s Just Nothing More Heartwarming Than Quality (Drunk) Family Time…

South Dakota police say a 14-year-old boy who was driving drunk has been arrested, along with his father, who sat intoxicated in the passenger seat.  The Daily Republic reported Saturday (HTTP://BIT.LY/NPL8XX) that the boy and his 49-year-old father were arrested shortly after midnight Aug. 5 on Interstate 90 near Mount Vernon. The two are from Mitchell, about 14 miles east.  Police caught the vehicle after receiving reports the boy was driving.  The boy’s blood-alcohol content level was 0.165, more than twice the legal limit to drive. He was arrested for drunken driving, while his father was arrested on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and having an open alcohol container in a vehicle.

It’s like it was almost lifted out of the pages of Modern Homes and Family!  So precious…

Canada’s Own Little Racist Secret

Intolerance isn’t just a radical Muslim, or Radical Jew, or Radical Far Right thing; more and more it’s becoming a Quebec thing.

Attention public servants: turbans, kippahs and hijabs will not be allowed in the workplace under a Parti Québecois government, but by all means, sport that crucifix, as long as it’s not too ostentatious.  The party hoping to form the next government Sept. 4 tried to expand on its contradictory plan to protect Quebec values during a campaign stop Tuesday in Trois Rivières.

“We don’t have to apologize for who we are,” said PQ leader Pauline Marois, while saying the so-called charter of secularism would be adopted as soon as they come to power. “We are one of the most tolerant and open people on the planet, but we want our values, such as equality between the sexes, respected by everyone.”

At first, the charter appeared to ban just the hijab. “Pretty scarves that women sometimes wear in their hair” would be acceptable, said PQ official Eric Gamache. But after being pushed on what exactly would be allowed, Gamache admitted the list wasn’t quite drawn up yet, but a turban would not make the grade, while a kippah probably would, since it’s not that “ostentatious.”

A short time later, he advised that, in fact, even the kippah, the skull cap worn by Jewish men also known as a yarmulke, would be forbidden.

But not the Crucifix…

“The crucifix could be allowed, as long as it was discreet,” he said, without defining discreet. “But if it’s too big….”

Naturally many in Quebec think such a thing could never happen.  But those folk need to ask themselves, why not?  It’s happening all around the world.  What makes Quebec immune from the rising tide of hatred?

The Real Jerusalem Madness

The real Jerusalem Madness isn’t when folk get to the ‘Holy Land’ and start having weird visions and the like.  The real madness is perpetrated by the government of that odd little place where, believe it or not, women can be arrested for wearing a prayer shawl or blowing a shofar.

Police detained four members of the Women of the Wall organization on Sunday morning for wearing tallitot (prayer shawls) at the Western Wall plaza.  According to a 2001 law, it is illegal for women to perform religious practices traditionally done by men in Orthodox Jewish practice at the Western Wall, such as reading from a Torah scroll, wearing tefillin or a tallit, or blowing a shofar.

Israel is a democracy?  By what definition?

Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz expressed shock and deep sorrow over the behavior of Women of the Wall members, saying that “many worshipers who came to pray Sunday morning instead bore witness to a fanatical political struggle which undermines the sanctity of the Wall.”

Wait, what?  Women praying and reading from the Torah is an act of desecration?  And they’re the fanatics???  What insanity.  With many thanks to Joe Zias for pointing the story out.

The Government of Iraq, Backed by the US, is Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions

So once more American policy in the Middle East allows us to shoot ourselves in the foot whilst wasting billions of tax dollars to do it. Well done, US Government.

Iraqi banking institutions have been helping Iran sidestep regulations imposed by the United States, said American officials. The country’s cozy relationship with Iran little more than eight months after American troops left Iraqi soil has caused concern among American leaders, and Obama placed a call to Iraq’s prime minister recently after learning that Iranian supply planes were passing through Iraqi airspace en route to Syria.

Who’s in charge in Washington?  No one intelligent, that’s for sure.