Hank Williams Jr. Exemplifies All That’s Wrong With Country Music

Today at the Iowa state fair Jr ‘opined’ (from his perch of incredible ignorance) –

“We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him!” — Via Michael Moore on the twitter.

I’m not a fan of country music because I just think it’s silly.  And I think it’s silly because people like Williams are just daft and they’re the ‘stars’ so admired by fans of the genre.  Williams is the very kind who believes the ‘birther’ conspiracy and who gleefully peddles the insanity to all his lapping followers.

If it’s true that we’re known by the company we keep, those who hang out with the country singing crowd need to evaluate their circles.

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5 Responses to Hank Williams Jr. Exemplifies All That’s Wrong With Country Music

  1. Thank heavens Jr. is not the vice president! But the one who is said that blacks will be put back in chains as desired and planned by Republicans, IS!
    This only reinforces what the problem with America is (not the America that to where I moved in the late 70’s): Celebrities’ opinions have a heavier weight than the people we should hold in a higher standards as our leaders!

    Also, Mike Moore commenting on “drunk” comments from Jr.? Wow, Mike Moore has made volumes of comments worse than this as he was SOBER!
    I am as concerned for the comments made by a silly artist who sing silly songs as I am with a city guy, a guy from Saginaw Michigan, Flint Michigan, that area, who makes tons of dough spreading far-fetched conspiracy theories and claiming to do this because he believes his socialist stance, his love of the Cuban health care system is what Christianity is (as he told O’Reilly).

    I am also concerned when people in the pulpit (turn your tv on tomorrow on some African American Churches) cannot distinguish the kind of charity God commands us to dispense, especially on the household of faith, and the government promoting “different efforts with equal results” which is not only silly, but is the definition of insanity; also how these preachers cannot differentiate between government confiscating income and redistributing to their electorate, and voluntary, genuine and Christian charity. We are having more extreme and off the wall comments coming for pseudo, self proclaimed “Reverends” than from any other source. I denounce ALL off the wall comments!

    Sorry, too long!


  2. kirk childress says:

    yes Hank Williams is not too bright


  3. wken says:

    He’s still alive? Wow … I had no idea.


  4. wken says:

    Maybe all of the stuff in his system has changed him over into a zombie or something.


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