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Calvin the Guard Dog

In Letter 130 (to the Queen of Navarre), John Calvin famously wrote on 28 April, 1545 A dog barks and stands at bay if he sees any one assault his master. I should be indeed remiss, if, seeing the truth … Continue reading

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Why It is Unalterably and Eternally Imperative that Heresy Be Opposed

When a faithful minister, who has the misfortune to be a steward of the Lord at such an ill-fated time and amid such a mass of evils, sees the one and only bride of Christ smitten not in one place … Continue reading

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More Evidence Rob Bell is a Charlatan

CT reports As fans and critics wait to see what Rob Bell does next after leaving Mars Hill Bible Church last October in the wake of all the hubbub over Love Wins, his website gives a fresh glimpse of what the pastor and author … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Joel Watts is Moving to Montana…

He’s decided to pursue his true life’s calling and become a hair stylist.  And he’s going to this school to do it.  But as you might expect, there’s a problem with the school… A lawsuit filed by former students and … Continue reading

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Sad News: Marvin Meyer Has Died

Stephan Huller announces that Marvin Meyer died yesterday. His wife, Bonnie, posted the following message on Marvin’s Facebook wall: “Hello, Facebook friends of Dr. Marvin Meyer: This is Marv’s wife Bonnie writing the sad news that Marv passed away yesterday, Aug. … Continue reading

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God, Israel, Iran, and Baywatch…

Nina Burleigh binds them all together in a new essay at the HuffPo which you’ll wish to read. In the news, two apparently unrelated stories:  The first is that Baywatch “babe” Donna D’Errico got badly bruised climbing Mount Ararat looking for Noah’s Ark. The … Continue reading

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Poor Norwegian: Or, Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now

In case you’ve been wondering where Tilling has got off too… An unlucky Norwegian man [called Chris Tilling] driving on a country road at night swerved around a moose in the road only to hit an even unluckier bear. Wildlife … Continue reading

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The Newest Issue of Zwingliana Has Appeared

ARTICLES “Wider die unsinnigen Wiedertäufer”: Ein unbekanntes Briefgedicht von Jörg Syz an Hans Brennwald (um 1527) — Christian Scheidegger Zur Führungsrolle des Grauen Bundes und der Stadt Ilanz in der frühen Reformbewegung Graubündens — Martin Bundi Reformationsmandat für den Thurgau … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

On 17 August, 1525 (a very, very busy year for Zwingli) he published his Subsidium sive coronis de eucharistia which he dedicated thusly: Clarissimis viris Bartolemaeo a Madiis, Bernensium a soenatu, Volfgango et Claudio filiis, Jacobo et Benedicto nepotibus ac … Continue reading

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Rowan Atkinson, Bishop and the Python-Worshipers

With thanks to James Crossley for pointing this gem out.

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Why Does Robert Cargill Look So Sad?

Two words-  the shirt!

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Calvin Quiz

It breaks my heart that I missed one… More about John Calvin at Calvin 500

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The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary on James

Logos is about to release the EEC commentary on James.  It’s an exceptional commentary, far superior, for a variety of reasons, to McKnight’s.  I can say that because I’ve reviewed Varner’s volume.  I give it two thumbs up so if … Continue reading

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Republicans Have a Decision to Make

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It’s Not Just a False Scholar That Takes Folk There…

It’s dilettantes of all shapes and sizes- but ESPECIALLY dilettantish ‘interpreters’ of Scripture- There’s just NOTHING more dangerous than an exegetical dilettante.

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