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“The Life of Brian” – Discussed

With thanks to Meir Edrey for the heads up on FB.

Twitter is Insane

I searched a bit ago for the Catholic Biblical Association (wondering if it has a twitter feed. It doesn’t. Why not?). Anyway, the fact that it came back and recommended the likes of Rick Warren and TD Jakes shows just how insane Twitter is. Warren and Jakes are to Catholic biblical scholarship what a cockroach is to a tasty dinner.

Twitter- you need better algorithms. Clearly.

How Evil Is Pat Robertson?

He’s evil enough to suggest that you shouldn’t adopt children because you don’t know what kind of trouble they’ll be.  That’s demonically evil.

Could he be more perverse? Could he really ever imagine himself to be a Christian in any meaningful sense of the word?

If This Isn’t A Joke, America Has Some of the World’s STUPIDEST Kids

via and with thanks to Eric Cline for pointing it out.

Joseph Blenkinsopp on the so Called ‘Lead Codices’

Viv Rowett, the Secretary of SOTS, sends along this word from Prof. B. on the recent interest of some in the Society on the ‘Lead Codices’

“On the subject of the lead codices: some members interested in these artifacts may not have seen the report of the exchange between David Elkington, who claims to have discovered them (either in Jordan or Egypt is not quite clear) and Peter Thonemann, an Oxford classicist from whom he solicited an opinion on their authenticity. It took Thonemann only half an hour to establish that a Greek inscription on the copper tablet was copied from a second century AD tombstone from Madaba in Jordan on view in the Archaeological Museum in Amman, and copied in a way which suggested that the copier did not know Greek. Thonemann’s verdict was that it probably originated in an Amman workshop some time over the last fifity years. The report is published in Times Literary Supplement April 8, 2011 and can be seen by googling Thonemann. The same conclusion was reached by The Jewish Chronicle but I do not have the reference. I have no opinion of my own on the issue.”

Naturally all of this is old news to readers here.  The Codices are modern trinkets and everyone but those with a financial interest in pimping them realizes this.  Nevertheless, since they, like a continuously returning bad penny, have arisen again, like a piece of excrement that just won’t flush, I thought it fitting to pass along Blenkinsopp’s remarks.

Gay Activism Turns to Violence

Late Wednesday, investigators descended on the Herndon family home of the suspect in a shooting at the headquarters of a downtown D.C. conservative Christian lobbying firm.  No one leaving the home wanted to talk, but neighbors describe the family as a retired military couple with two younger sons. They say they saw no signs of trouble from the family, who they described as good neighbors.

But police say that wasn’t the case Wednesday morning.  Floyd Corkins II, 28, of Virginia is accused of shooting a security guard at the Family Research Council after criticizing the group’s anti-gay stance, a source tells ABC7.  Sources say Corkins walked into the Family Research Council and said “It’s not about you, it’s about the policy,” and then shot the guard.

Whenever anyone uses violence as a means to achieve a political end, you know their goal is impure.   This mentality of ‘I want my way and I’ll shoot you to get it’ is the ultimate exemplification of selfishness.

Naturally none of us need hold our breath that leaders in the GLBT community excoriate the act.  The ends, for many, justify the means.

UPDATE:  Thank you, Mr. Mariner–   I hope your single voice becomes a chorus.

“I was shocked to hear that someone who has volunteered with the DC Center could be the cause of such a tragic act of violence,” the center’s executive director, David Mariner, said in a statement released to ABC News. “No matter the circumstances, we condemn such violence in the strongest terms possible. We hope for a full and speedy recovery for the victim and our thoughts are with him and his family.”

Thank you, for being the only spokesman for your community who has said anything.  (And thanks to our local awesome meteorologist Julya Johnson who pointed me to the condemnation of the attack).

Bist du bei Mir…

Here’s a proper way to start a Thursday-

Another Theater Shooting…

From our local ABC affiliate on Facebook-

A man carried a gun into a movie theater and accidentally shot himself with it, police in Sparks, Nevada, say.
According to an incident report, police received several calls Tuesday night reporting shots being fired inside the Sparks Century Theater downtown, where “The Bourne Legacy” was playing. Multiple police units and other emergency personnel rushed to the theater, but officers quickly determined that only one shot had been fired.

And the ‘best’ part-

He had a valid concealed-carry permit.

The NRA wants us all to believe that only the best and brightest and most well prepared carry concealed weapons. They ‘protect the rest of us’ and ‘if they had been present in Aurora they could have prevented the murders of all those people’. Except, of course, they don’t. They just endanger themselves and everyone else.