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Something To Read For Pleasure this Weekend

A little light reading is always on tap for the weekends, isn’t it?  I commend to your attention the translation of Johannes Oecolampadius of Lamentations.  Here’s the text and here’s the first part of the translation.  Give it a look during Olympic commercial breaks.

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Absolutely the BEST Post on The Ethic of Christian Sexuality That I’ve Yet Read

You must read it too.  Since Emil Brunner’s Ethics nothing finer has appeared.

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The Debate in Germany Continues

Günther Beckstein, Vizepräses der Synode der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD) und frühere bayerische Ministerpräsident, hat Verständnis für die Gegner im Streit um homosexuelle Paare im Pfarrhaus gezeigt.

“Die Bibel verurteilt praktizierte Homosexualität ohne Ausnahme”, erklärte der frühere bayerische Ministerpräsident in der “Zeit”-Beilage “Christ & Welt”.  Daher sei es für ihn “schwierig, dass in evangelischen Pfarrhäusern homosexuelle Partnerschaften gelebt werden.”  Er könne den Protest von acht Altbischöfen gegen eine solche Regelung nachempfinden.

This discussion has become quite heated at times in the land where Bultmann dwelt.  And it doesn’t look like it will be settled anytime soon.

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Sen. Harkin’s Silly Attack on ‘For Profit’ Universities Overlooks One Fact: All Universities Make Tons of Money


It is true that many of the for-profits have high drop-out rates, but are they really any worse than some of our public universities, like the University of Texas at San Antonio or Chicago State University, schools with thousands of students but very low graduation rates? Should we impose some sort of selective admission standards on all schools wanting government handouts? I suspect that if one compiled a list of all institutions where the six-year graduation rate was below, say, 40 percent, a larger number of students would attend public as opposed to for-profit institutions.

The attack on the for-profits is an attack based on ideology, a dislike of capitalism, more than on a comprehensive and objective concern for students. The clearly one-sided nature of Harkin’s criticism may be one reason that his report was not issued by all the Democrats on the Senate education committee–my guess is some did not want to be associated with this unbalanced attack.

Concern for students?  Since when?  Concern for higher tuition, higher fees, bloated campuses loaded with frills and bells and whistles to attract the less than academically interested (like multi million dollar sports complexes) and exasperatingly high pay for University administrators is the real concern of ‘non-profit’ schools.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise. Or rather, don’t delude yourself.

Here’s the proof in one simple fact:  sign up at Duke and see how long they keep you enrolled if you don’t pay the fees and other costs.  And go ahead and insert the name of any school you like for Duke.

If federal loans were linked to community college tuition, many for-profit colleges would go out of business, as would many non-elite private non-profit colleges. That would force public higher education to expand dramatically — perhaps with a huge expansion of online courses — or stop trying to educate high-risk students with high failure rates. Even the Harkin report doesn’t want that, acknowledging that the for-profit colleges are needed.

And there it is.  The ‘accrediting scam’ has manipulated our entire higher education culture and most people, even educated people, are too blind to see it.  If we REALLY cared about making higher education affordable, accessible, and sensible, we would do our best to offer students courses that mattered and cut back not on academics but the entire idiotic and damnably pointless athletic cult which consumes far more resources than it produces.

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The World’s Most Useful Web Resource

I mean besides here of course but that goes without saying.  I mean E-Rara.  It’s got tons of Zwingli and other stuff too from the 15th-19th centuries.  I’ve added the Zwingli collection to the page tabs above.

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Footprints in the Sand, And Some Drag Marks Too…

Via Dan Ortiz on FB

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Why Has Joel Watts Been so Quiet?

Some say that it’s because he’s been moving.  But I have proof of what he’s really been up to.  He’s been in Sweden, pretending to be Superman, and inebriated to the max.

via The Local on FB

Stop drinking, Joel.  Next thing you know, you’ll be just like Chris Tilling!

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Michelangelo, Redone

via our friends at on FB

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