The Truth About Chris Tilling’s Book

I couldn’t have said it better-

‘It is a remarkable fact that divine Christology is not an “end product” of a development lasting some decades but that high Christology is present and fully developed already in the earliest testimonies of Christianity, in the (undisputed) letters of Paul. Dr. Tilling has presented an investigation on divine Christology of the highest standard both concerning the exegesis of Paul (esp. 1Cor 8-10) and the awareness of the theological implications. The thesis “that Paul’s Christ-relation is a divine-Christology expressed as relationship” is well founded and marks a progress in our understanding of Paul’s Christology and theology. It leads out from a dead end in discussions whether Paul’s Christology is divine or not. This book is an outstanding testimony of critical scholarship by a mature exegete and theologian’ — Prof. Dr. Hermann Lichtenberger (Professor for New Testament and Antique Judaism at the University of Tübingen and Head of the Institute for Antique Judaism and Hellenistic History of Religions).

I really agree. I love Chris’s book but don’t tell him. The hairy backed balding middle aged lunatic would get a big head and I would have to use my spiritual gift of ‘imposing humility’ on him. Not that I would mind, but I like to save my powers for more serious affronts to Divine Dignity.