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Come On People, Just Take a Second and Look in the Back Seat! Come ON!

Nashville police say they are investigating the death of a 5-month-old baby found in a minivan outside a church in Donelson.  Police were called about 3 p.m. Tuesday about a baby found inside a vehicle at Donelson Heights United Methodist Church.  Police said the mother thought she dropped off her son at the church’s day care center that morning and returned in the afternoon to pick him up.

When day care workers told her he was not there, she ran back to her van where the baby was still inside. Police said he was already dead due to the extreme heat of the vehicle.  Temperatures on Tuesday afternoon reached a high of 91. Police said the mother, who has not been identified, was taken to a nearby hospital.

Horrific- because utterly unnecessary and completely preventable.  Poor kid.  Poor parents.  Poor family.  Poor mom, who has to live with the wretched consequences of her carelessness for the rest of her life.  Don’t be like her.  Look in the back seat.  It doesn’t take 2 seconds!

Fun Facts From Church History: The Establishment of the First Reformed University

Zwingli showed his ambition for an educated clergy by establishing a theological seminary as soon as funds were available, which was in the summer of 1525. A call was given to a teacher of Greek and Hebrew, and Zwingli himself took part in the work. The text-book was the Bible. Instruction began at eight o’clock in the morning. One teacher read the Hebrew text and translated it into Latin with a brief interpretation. Then Zwingli translated the same text from the Greek of the Septuagint into Latin. Leo Jud then commented in German upon what had been read, and explained in Latin. This theological seminary was attended not only by regular students but by the clergy of the city, and Leo Jud’s lectures by the people generally. Instruction from the Greek New Testament was given in the afternoon at three o’clock by Myconius. That Zwingli set up for himself a high standard is shown by his writings, and he was able to impress this standard upon others. He called his institute “The Prophecy.”

Excerpted from S. Jackson.

Thankfully the Reformed vision of an educated and literate clergy seen first by Zwingli has been adopted by most descendents of the Reformation (except in pockets where the folly and lunacy of anti-intellectual anti-educational still exist).

Fun Facts From Church History: Funerals in Zwingli’s Zurich

S. Jackson writes

[B]urials were without any pomp. The body was carried out of the house to the burying-ground, the only words spoken were when the mourners were publicly thanked by the master of the guild to which the head of the house belonged for their expression of sympathy, and then the company went into the church for silent prayer, not for the dead, but for the bereaved. On the following Sunday the name of the deceased was announced to the congregation, accompanied by a reminder of their own mortality.

Here’s the precise form used from 1525 onwards-

Ein ermanung zuo dem volck, so eins gestorben ist. Ir andächtigen, diewyl wir hüt zuo eeren und lob gottes christenlichen versamlet sind, sollend ir wüssen, das unser lieber mitbruoder N. von got, unserem himelschen vatter, uß dem ellend dises lebens unnd kercker des lybs zuo ewyger ruow unnd säligkeit durch den tod beruefft ist. Deßhalb wir nüt trurig sin sollend als die Heiden, die der künfftigen säligkeit kein hoffnung habend; sunder sollend uns fröwen mit unserem lieben fründ und mitbruoder, des lyb wir zuo der erden bestattet habend, deß seel – als wir glouben und verhoffend – im fryden und christenlichem glouben zuo got, der sy beschaffen hat, widerkert ist; zuo welcher ruow unnd säligkeit wir ouch gewüßlich verhoffen zuo kummen. Und darumb helffen mir got ernstlich anrueffen und bitten, das er uns, die noch in leben sind, verlyhe, in sinem wort und glouben zuo verharren, uff daß wir durch die truebsal dises jamertals ungeletzt kummind zuo dem versprochnen vatterland und immerwärenden ruow. Amen.

Now how’s that for a no frills funeral!  So much for the wailing and wallowing and eulogizing of the departed so common nowadays.

Some Perspective Might Be Useful, Tea People- Learn Some History

Shooting From The Safety of the Shadows

To be an evangelical who is highly critical of the field of Biblical Studies is like … etc., etc.

So, I thought, this guy, who finds fault with the field must be some man of courage, willing to stand up for his views and willing to be taken seriously because he has the courage of his convictions. Alas, I was mistaken. His ‘about page’ opines

So that you do not feel misled, I would like to make it clear that I am writing here under a pen name. I have found that blogging can have many negative effects for those in academia…especially those of us who are attempting to think outside of our field of specialization. “Life” usually falls into that category. Thus, I believe that the pen name is a vocational necessity until I have tenure.

Ah, pseudonymity, the refuge of those who want to be heard but who want to stand behind a curtain so no one knows who they are and so they can’t be held accountable for their declarations. His stance is justified because he doesn’t have tenure- so his real reason for hiding in the dark is financial interest… Ain’t America great…

He might have some very fine things to say but because he isn’t willing to own his words, he can’t be taken seriously.  People shooting from the shadows…  they’re just hiding because they don’t want to pay the price for their freedom.

Outrage, and Silence

When 6 Sikhs are brutally gunned down American media outlets are all over it- and rightly so.  Such stories should be brought to light.  On the other hand, when 19 Christians are slaughtered the media hardly notices at all.

That tells you something about the American media folk doesn’t it?   It should.

Gunmen attacked a church in the central Nigerian state of Kogi, killing at least 19 people, a military official said Tuesday.

Among the dead was the pastor of the Deeper Life church in Okene, Lt. Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi said.

No one has claimed responsibility, but immediate suspicion fell on the militant Islamic group Boko Haram, which has carried out similar church attacks in the past.

An eyewitness told CNN that the attackers were carrying sophisticated firearms and shot randomly at the members of the congregation gathered for Bible study Monday night. Blood flowed through the church as bodies fell limp, the witness said.

On the Sikh Temple Shooting

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A New Addition to the Blogroll

Lawrence Schiffman.  Yes, that L.S.