Words None of Us Should Ever Forget

Toute la somme presque de nostre sagesse, laquelle, à tout conter, merite d’estre reputée vraye et entiere sagesse, est située en deux parties: c’est qu’en cognoissant Dieu, chacun de nous aussi se cognoisse.

Or if you prefer

Tota fere sapientiae nostrae summa, quae vera demum ac solida sapientia censeri debeat, duabus partibus constat, Dei cognitione et nostri.


The whole summe in a maner of all our wisedome, which onely ought to be accounted true and perfect wisedome, consisteth in two partes, that is to say, the knowledge of God, and of ourselves.


TRUE and substantial wisdom principally consists of two parts, the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves.

Howsoever you wish to put it, the truth is, we are not wise until we know God, and ourselves.