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The Cities Strike Back

In the mid 1520’s, when the Catabaptistic cult had wreaked havoc across the Confederation, three of the Swiss cities were fed up with the Catabaptists (literally, ‘drowners’) and spelled out their reasons in an edict of 9 Sept., 1527 (via … Continue reading

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Peter Enns Has Proven that Westminster Was Right to Sack Him

Daniel Stoddart pointed this post out on G+ and I enjoyed it so much and found it so true and theologically insightful that I wanted to pass it along to you.  I’ve added its author to the blogroll.  He’s one … Continue reading

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More Gay Hate

Thanks to Milton for pointing this out: People on both sides of the Chick-fil-A debate seemed to agree that a Tucson man who made a viral video belittling a patient restaurant worker acted like a sanctimonious jerk, even his boss … Continue reading

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Gay Hate

Because whenever anyone disagrees with homosexual ethics, said persons are demonized.  Go ahead, gay activists, defend this: If such a thing were found on a gay bar or bath-house the homosexual community (whatever that is) would be up in arms … Continue reading

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Voluntary Martyrdom: Ancient and Modern

There’s a new essay by Candida Moss in the Journal Church History which looks really interesting (as one would expect) – The Discourse of Voluntary Martyrdom: Ancient and Modern. While the social and intellectual basis of voluntary martyrdom is fiercely debated, scholarship … Continue reading

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Another Fairly Active Day

According to WordPress’s stats, there have been on average over 1400 visitors to the blog per hour for the last 48.  That’s a surge from the usual 250 per hour.  The surge is coming from Russia and Ukraine.  Odd.  They … Continue reading

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Lochte, Phelps and Leyva: Golden Girls!

That’s how GMA labeled them this morning…  bahahahaha

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Chris Tilling Joins the ‘Video Book Review’ Revolution

Though in true British fashion he calls it a ‘book notice’.  Isn’t that weird?  Anyway, here it is:

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The Anniversary of Martin Noth’s Birth

Martin Noth, famed (and rightly so) Old Testament scholar was born on the 3rd of August, 1902.  Probably best known for his work on the history of Israel, Noth also wrote widely and extensively on nearly every aspect of OT … Continue reading

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Why Does Joel Watts Never Show Us His Hands?

Because he’s done something to his fingers that’s bizarre.  He’s turned them into a swiss army knife…

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God, on Facebook

Via Ref.ch on, yes, Facebook-

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Lochte Tweets Piety But Lives Promiscuously

Here’s another of the far too many examples in modern ‘Christianity’ of a high profile ‘Christian’ talking the talk but not ‘walking the walk’.  Ryan Lochte tweeted a few days ago ‘Plain’ must mean ‘plan’.  And yes, God does have … Continue reading

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A Tiny Seed And The Tremendous Information it Can Provide: Megiddo

With thanks to Eric Cline for sending along word of this report: Archaeologist Israel Finkelstein is leading his sweating guests to a corner of Tel Megiddo. He points to a black stain on a rock, which on closer inspection turn … Continue reading

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