Which Olympian is Your Body Double?

I’m not kidding.  Apparently we all have an Olympian for a body double (as made known to us by the BBC).  I was shocked and frankly depressed to learn that my body double is



Height 1.78m, 5ft 10in

Weight 90kg, 14st 2lbs

Gender Female

Sport Athletics

Why??????  I clearly need to either put on weight or lose weight.  Given my present state of depression thanks to the BBC, I think I’ll choose the former.  Where’s that bag of donuts….

UPDATE:  Hold on.  My despair drove me to enter the data again and this time:

You are most like:

Liam Phillips

Team GB

Height 1.78m, 5ft 10in

Weight 83kg, 13st 1lbs

Gender Male

Sport Cycling – BMX

Competing in

  1. Men’s BMX

Ok I can live with that. BMX. That makes a lot more sense than the woman discus tosser. I suggest that you enter your own data several times, until you come up with a suitable double.

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