‘A Voice, and Nothing More…’

He [Johannes Eck] is trying to catch the popular breeze, and does everything by uproar and violence. He babbles much stupidity without wit, without learning, and destroys innocent paper, so that as often as I read what he writes I am reminded of Aesop’s, “What a head and no brain!” and of what the fox said about the captured nightingale—“a voice and nothing more.” — Huldrych Zwingli

In our own time there are so many voices devoid of anything but mere sound. From politicians to televangelists to pentebabbleists to certain academics and everything in between- an abundance of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  what Zwingli suggested of Eck could easily be applied to this generation’s majority of biblical scholars – they destroy paper and what they write is empty headed.  Seldom can one find something of real substance.

Nevertheless, from time to time, one comes across something that really is quite useful.  Those books, essays, and articles are a pearl of great price and when they are found the wise will sell everything they have if necessary in order to acquire them.

Would that more of us (and I’m talking about biblical scholars and theologians) would write more than fluff and worthlessness.