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With the Commencement of the Olympics…

A word from Luther…

Games with cards and dice are common, for our age has invented many games. Surely there has been a reaction. In my youth all games were prohibited; makers of cards and musicians at dances weren’t admitted to the sacraments, and people were required to make confession of their gaming, dancing, and jousting. Today these things are the vogue, and they are defended as exercises for the mind.”

And from Zwingli, more sense-

Games played with one’s companions, at proper times, I allow, provided they are games that require skill and serve to train the body. Games with numbers require skill, as they involve a knowledge of arithmetic. Games requiring movement, such as chess, also require skill; since one must carefully plan when and where to move, and when not to move. Chess, more than all other games, teaches the player not to take a single step without forethought. It is necessary, however, in playing this game to know when to quit; for some persons have been found, who neglected useful and serious occupations, in order to give their time and talents to playing chess. Only occasionally and, as it were, in passing by, would I allow such games. Cards and dice I reject entirely and would consign them to the carrion-pit.

I would consign all board and card games and electronic games to the carrion-pit.  Because, to be fair, that’s just where they belong!


On Modern Christianity: An Observation

Among today’s Christians there seem to be few with the ability to discern the difference between mass hysteria and the true working of the Holy Spirit. But there is a difference. A huge, tremendously important, substantive, significant, and life altering (in the best sense of the phrase) difference.

The Government of Netanyahu is Evil: The Intention to Displace More Palestinians on a Pretence

The Civil Administration is calling for the demolition of a Palestinian village in the southern West Bank, partly because it is built on an archaeological site.  The call for demolition comes despite the fact that Israeli authorities have approved the construction of Jewish settlements on much more important archaeological sites, such as the settlement at Tel Rumeida in Hebron and the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem.

Did you pay attention to that last sentence?  It says an encyclopedia’s worth and it proves that the government of Bibi is evil, biased, wicked, corrupt, and perverse.

In the past year, the High Court of Justice has been asked to rule on the state’s intentions to demolish at least 12 villages south of Hebron (Susia, Dekaika, Bir al-Id, Saala and eight villages that have been declared part of army firing zone No. 918) located in Area C, which is under Israeli control, and force their residents to move to Areas A and B, which are under Palestinian civil control. Next week it will also rule on the fate of Zanuta, a village that lies on the border of the West Bank.

Lebensraum on pretense.  Landgrabbing wickedness…

Residents of Zanuta, who filed a joint petition to the High Court of Justice with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel are requesting that the Civil Administration complete a detailed construction plan for them. If the planning of their village were regularized, the demolition orders issued by the Civil Administration against their improvised structures would be reversed, and construction would be permitted in accordance with the natural growth of the population and their needs. The Civil Administration is refusing to comply with the request, and is instead demanding that the residents move to the town of Dahariya.

Palestinians don’t matter to the government of Israel under the lordship of the Bib’s (or as he should be known, Ba’al Zebub).

The Duke Center for Jewish Studies

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Seriously Kids, Learn the Basics

Twitter is Down and Even Its Message that it’s Down is Down

Great.  Now I can’t see if Candida Moss picked me up a mug in Amsterdam.

I’m Going to Eat at Chik-Fil-A Every Chance I Get

Because I think it’s moronic that people are so up in arms because a man has an opinion.  Get a grip, people.  In America everyone is allowed to think what they want!  If you want  thoughts controlled, move to North Korea or Iran or Syria.

And I don’t care whether celebrities or cities think otherwise.  Absurdity, thy name is political correctness and the tyranny of the whiners.

Jesus at the Olympics

Not to be outdone by Moses!

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The Problem With Literalism Visualized

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A Psychopathic Seal

How creepy is that??? It’s creepier than Bob Cargill’s tie-dyed shirts!


Moses at the Olympics

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(Moses isn’t the swimmer, he’s the guy holding the rod aloft…)

Garfinkel’s Grumpy

With few scientific arguments to buttress their position, they [minimalists] proposed an imaginary, alternative history of biblical Israel and Judah. Instead of fostering a discussion between two competing paradigms based on the interpretation of data, the minimalists resorted to rhetoric and demagoguery, ignoring both the relevant archaeological data and the Bible.

Thus the abstract of a new essay in Bible and Interpretation penned by Yosef Garfinkel.  Among other things he suggests

The minimalists violated the conventional scientific procedure of moving in a logical progression from the data, to analysis and then to conclusions.

Ok let’s think about that for a moment, for who really violates the logic of scientific procedure?  Is it the ‘minimalists’ or the maximalists?   The maximalists begin with the conclusion (which they find in the Bible) and move to inference and then to declaration.  Their procedure is circular and so is their reasoning.  Is this scientific?  Which is more scientific, the insistence that there be evidence for a claim or a paper claim bolstered by another paper claim?

Garfinkel’s grumpy but his real target isn’t minimalism, it’s the so called ‘Low Chronology’.  He mistakenly believes, apparently, that the Low Chronology is a new manifestation of minimalism’s failed program.  There’s only one problem with that: Finkelstein isn’t a minimalist.

Hence Garfinkel has managed to do what the maximalists always manage to do: construct a man of straw, give him a good spanking, and then march off declaring ‘victory’ over the defeated foe.

Zwingli’s Despair and A Request the City Council Rejected

On the 26th of July, 1531 Zwingli appeared before the Great Council, and declared,

“Eleven years have I preached to you the gospel, and faithfully warned you
against the dangers which threaten the confederacy if the Five Cantons—that
is, those who hate the gospel and live on foreign pensions—are allowed to
gain the mastery. But you do not heed my voice, and continue to elect
members who sympathize with the enemies of the gospel. And yet ye make me
responsible for all this misfortune. Well, I herewith resign, and shall
elsewhere seek my support.”

Philip Schaff observes

He left the hall with tears. His resignation was rejected and withdrawn. After three days he appeared again before the Great Council, and declared that in view of their promise of improvement he would stand by them till death, and do his best, with God’s help. He tried to persuade the Bernese delegates at a meeting in Bremgarten in the house of his friend, Henry Bullinger, to energetic action, but in vain. “May God protect you, dear Henry; remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Church.” These were the last words he spoke to his worthy successor.

As he left, a mysterious personage, clothed in a snow-white robe, suddenly appeared, and after frightening the guards at the gate plunged into the water, and vanished. He had a strong foreboding of an approaching calamity, and did not expect to survive it. Halley’s comet, which returns every seventy-six years, appeared in the skies from the middle of August to the 3d of September, burning like the fire of a furnace, and pointing southward with its immense tail of pale yellow color. Zwingli saw in it the sign of war and of his own death. He said to a friend in the graveyard of the minster (Aug. 10), as he gazed at the ominous star, “It will cost the life of many an honorable man and my own. The truth and the Church will suffer, but Christ will never forsake us.”

Vadian of St. Gall likewise regarded the comet as a messenger of God’s wrath; and the famous Theophrastus, who was at that time in St. Gall, declared that it foreboded great bloodshed and the death of illustrious men. It was then the universal opinion, shared also by Luther and Melanchthon, that comets, meteors, and eclipses were fireballs of an angry God. A frantic woman near Zürich saw blood springing from the earth all around her, and rushed into the street with the cry, “Murder, murder!” The atmosphere was filled with apprehensions of war and bloodshed.

Ominous times indeed. Zwingli’s depression would continue to deepen. If the Catholics hadn’t killed him at Kappel-am-Albis, his despair may have.