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The Spirit and Christ in the New Testament and Christian Theology

This new collection of essays edited by Marshall, Rabens and Bennema arrived a few weeks back.  My review is below. This volume gathers writings about the Spirit and Christ by notable scholars including Richard Bauckham, D. A. Carson, James Dunn, … Continue reading

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Update on the SOTS Summer 2012 Meeting

Via Viv. She’s posted more and they’re worth seeing (at the link above).  I’ll add that word that the wonderfully patient Elisabeth Harper’s departure as Hospitality Secretary is sad news indeed.  She will be missed.

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Karl Barth Blog

KBarth.org has a blog to go along with their cool YouTube channel.  It, to date. has one post: on the recent Barth Conference in Switzerland.  It has neither links nor further info concerning those who post or those who organize … Continue reading

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You Can’t Fool God

Sometimes people forget the most basic truths.  This is one they love to ignore- Make no mistake about this: You can never make a fool out of God. Whatever you plant is what you’ll harvest.   Galatians 6:7.

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James Holmes Isn’t Insane- He’s Vile

His antics in court notwithstanding.  Dan Harris tweets ABC News has learned #Aurora suspect James Holmes spits at jail guards so much they’re making him wear a face guard. More on @ABCWorldNews. Vile.

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Another Dimwitted Gun Toter: Menace to Society, The Wal-Mart in Texas Edition

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Give an idiot a gun and a conceal/ carry permit, you endanger kids at Wal-Mart. A licensed concealed handgun owner from Waco, Texas hurt more than his pride on … Continue reading

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The 34 Year Old Granny, Cocaine, And The Worst Sort of Inhumanity

She’s a Granny at 34 and her grandbaby ate her cocaine.  I think that says everything about this person that needs to be said.  It says everything that needs to be said about her parenting and it says everything that … Continue reading

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Answering Your Letters: What is Your Tagline About?

Dear Jim, I don’t read Latin but I’ve found out what your tagline says- ‘Shepherds feed, they don’t rule’.  Is that correct?  And where’s it from? Thank you, Cordially, Tom Tom, you’re right on the mark.  It’s a quote from … Continue reading

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Discovery at Hazor: Wheat- The Silent Witness to History

Tweets the American Friends of Hebrew University- Excavations led by @HebrewU‘s Prof Amnon Ben-Tor reveal 3,400-year-old clues to the reason for the destruction of Hazor. Unfortunately they don’t link to further news so I had to go looking for it. … Continue reading

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More from SBL Amsterdam: On ‘The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception’ Project

Now this is a session I would have loved to be at!  It’s a very intriguing project which I imagine will be very useful.  I’ve been invited to contribute an essay which I’m working on at present.  Many others are … Continue reading

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How The Media is Distorting What the President of Chik-Fil-A Actually Said

Par for the course really. So, did you hear about that wild quote that the president of Chick-fil-A didn’t say the other day? Then the report cites the liars over at CNN.  Then follows the truth: Now, one would assume … Continue reading

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News From SBL Amsterdam

Again, via Koert van Bekkum ‏@koertvb  — Great, great lecture of Lourens de Vries on the Romantic turn in Bible translation. Remember the good old days when bloggers attending conferences would tell us about them?  I guess those days are … Continue reading

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Misbehave to Your Own Harm

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What Should I Work on Next?

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Today with Zwingli

It was 24 July, 1520 that Huldrych Zwingli wrote his friend Oswald Myconius to discuss the potential issuance of a Papal Bull of Excommunication against Luther.  Zwingli writes Lutheri vitae parum timeo, animae nihil, etiam si fulmine Iovis istius fulminetur; … Continue reading

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God Sends Revival- Real Revival Anyway

The very notion that we ‘engineer‘ revival shows how far we’ve strayed from the truth that God is Lord. Michael is right to write A revival is God’s quickening visitation of his people, touching their hearts and deepening his work … Continue reading

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Kitties in the Stocks

This is how it should be- kitties should be confined to kitty stocks. the only good cat is a cat that can’t get near you!

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The Worst Free Kick EVER!

One sees such a sight and one thinks- hey, when did Joel Watts take up football????

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